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WHY create a customized virtual experience vs. using the template the show offers?

November 17, 2020

WHY create customized virtual experience vs. Template or what the show offers:

Some shows are charging $10K* for (2) links and (2) pdfs ONLY. This does not give the exhibitor options to showcase all of their features/benefits, products, and services and doesn’t engage the customer in any way. It often does not provide the metrics needed to measure ROI. The goal of accurate metrics allows you to be strategic for future events. (I.E. what do attendees spend the most time with, and what changes do we need to make to engage the customer more).

How HYBRID events will be critical (How virtual will forge the path)

Easier to Measure ROI / customer interest

  • Customer engagement and interest can easily be detected and allow you to alter your strategy.
  • Determine what physical product is necessary at face-to-face events
  • Ability to schedule pre-planned meetings (before, during, after event or host at your facility)
  • Continued information available to key customers and prospects long after event is over and /or to promote your next event and drive booth traffic.

Budgeting & Planning

Physical booth space vs. virtual (savings)

  • Physical booth
    • Floor Space Cost / Build Costs/ Freight
    • Labor / Structural Integrity/ Show Services: (gravity no issue, rigging, space confinements
      limited, large machinery, drayage, flooring, etc.

Transitioning from virtual to physical

  • Booth concept design completed
    • Easy to adjust overall scale of booth and modify structural elements
    • Consistent look and feel
    • Ability to utilize virtual content/ virtual exhibit in space to incorporate any items that are not
      present physically (i.e. machines, products, 3-D models, etc.)
    • Savings on physical booth that can be applied to physical booth for future events.

Written by: Jennifer Kilbride, Senior Marketing Consultant Skyline Trisource Exhibits

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