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Your Trade Show Stand Should Be A Cross Section Of Your Business

April 17, 2015

When you set up your trade show stand in Detroit, your customers need to know what your business is about. What better way than to bring a slice of your business to them. A modular tradeshow stand can do just that.

Show Customers What Your Business Is About
How your trade stand comes across to visitors is almost as important as the product you’re advertising. Having a booth that is inviting and interesting will attract customers. Also, if your booth looks collapsible and flimsy, you’re less likely to gain valuable leads. So the goal is to have a booth that doesn’t look or feel temporary; you need a booth and stand that feels like an office space. One method is to use a modular stand, like the Envoy Exhibit system.

Modular trade show stands, like the Envoy Exhibit System, look and feel like a permanent office, but are easy to break down, store and move. And like other modular systems, you have a number of components to choose from, such as walls, counters, benches, tables, lamps, canopies and much more. You simply need to choose the components that work best for your company and arrange them in a way that will “wow” the crowd. Attenders will think you’ve transported an entire, fully functioning room from within your business to the tradeshow; and in essence you actually did! Your modular tradeshow stand is a fully functional, fully transportable cross section of your business.
Using a modular stand, like the Envoy Exhibit system, is just one step of the process, though. There are many other components that will make your tradeshow booth a success. Here are 6 easy tips that will make your modular trade show booth a success:
Tip # 1 Be Clear: The product you’re promoting should be abundantly clear in your booth. This is not the time to beat around the bush, make your product or service obvious and up-front.
Tip # 2 Use Those Graphics: Your graphics and logo create a consistent brand image; so don’t be afraid to use them. Remember, many of your tradeshow customers will be seeing your logo and graphics for the first time. So, don’t overwhelm them, but don’t skimp either.
Tip# 3 Use the Right Lighting: A booth that’s too bright is overwhelming and a dark booth is uninviting, so point directed lights on your focal areas. Make sure the bulbs and fixtures project a soft, inviting light. Choose bulbs with yellow hues, which produce a warmer light.
Tip# 4 Use Large Text: Make sure your important text is large enough to read from a distance, even if dozens of heads are in the way.
Tip # 5 Keep it Simple: The main goal here is to get the attention of potential customers; you don’t want any confusion. If your design is too busy, it won’t hold customer’s attention. Use only three colors in your design, more would be overwhelming.
Tip # 6: Avoid Cheap Giveaways: Cheap giveaways are not memorable, which makes them a waste of money. On top of that, the cheapness reflects your business. Give away useful, quality products that pertain to your product or service.
Remember, your first impression is everything. Your stand is often the impression potential customers get of your products, services and your company as a whole. If you don’t give customers the whole package, an inspiring, exciting experience that is a cross section of your business itself, you may not lose customers, but you won’t gain any either!  But if your design, lighting and the architecture of your booth reflect the quality of your business, you’re bound to leave an impression and gain valuable customers.
Contact us at Skyline Cleveland for more information on the right trade show stand for you.

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