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3 Concepts For Uniquely Created Banner Stands

July 20, 2016

Banner stands can be incredibly powerful marketing tools for trade show exhibitors, but how do you create unique banners that will stand out from the crowd? Honestly, the number of options available is a bit overwhelming, and it can make it difficult to know where to even begin coming up with a concept for trade show banner stands that will not only draw the notice and traffic you want but will be memorable for visitors and encourage them to photograph and share on social media. No matter what your final design, be sure to include your company website's URL or a Quick Response (QR) code that leads to your home page, and a simple hashtag you want people to be aware of and use. Start by considering these three proven concepts, and thinking about how you can use them for uniquely created banner stands of your own.

  • Dimensionality - Using a photograph that has a shallow depth of field (DOF), or digital editing to give the look of shallow DOF, creates an eye-catching dimensional effect. Shallow DOF photos are ones where the subject is in crisp focus, and everything behind it is blurry, which tricks the eye into perceiving depth, even though it's a 2-dimensional image. You don't even need to begin with a photograph that was shot with shallow DOF; a professional graphic designer can create that effect digitally and fine-tune it to give the precise impression you want.
  • Selective Color - Selective color is most often done with photographs, though it can also be done with graphic images. It's done either by removing the color from an image or by starting with a black-and-white image, then adding color to the image only in a few key places. For example, imagine a black-and-white image of a person holding a can of Coke, and the Coke can is the only thing in color. The black-and-white part of the image tells the background story of whatever is in color, and there are many ways to play on this concept. Let's say you sell fencing products. An image of a fence isn't particularly evocative, but if you use an image of a couple standing in front of their fence, all in black and white, standing behind their adorable children and fluffy golden retriever puppy, who are in color, people think, "Ohhhh! That fence is backing up the parents to keep the adorable children and puppy safe!" Now, they're emotionally connected.
  • Triptych and Series Design - Banner stands can be very effective alone or in groupings, and two of the best concepts for grouping them are the triptych (one image split into 3 parts) and the series, which has several variants. One type of series is the old Burma-Shave sign concept, where part of a message is printed on each of a series of separate panels, so people will be on the lookout for the next one. This idea works even better with images than with the corny poems of the original signs, and a combination of words and images can leave a highly effective impression on the viewer. Remember the roadside billboard ad campaign featuring giant, gooey Snickers bars in various stages of consumption? They really did make people want a candy bar! Another variant on the series concept is a group of banners that all feature some consistent elements with identical placement (for example, a company logo header and a footer with a slogan), but every banner has a unique image in the center, which contributes to the overall impression you want to leave the viewer with.

It's easy to feel like there are so very many banner designs already in use. So much so that it's impossible to come up with a truly unique banner design. Putting your own creative spin on these proven banner design concepts gives you a solid basis for your design, with plenty of room to come up with something that represents your brand and products in a way that's uniquely yours.

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