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3 Necessities to Keep Your Exhibit Ahead of Technology

August 19, 2019

With technology constantly changing the way people can interact with your brand online, there are certain things you need to do to stay on top of these changes. With Google at their fingertips, trade show attendees can find many things out about your company. If they have questions about your company, it’s great that they can easily find answers to their inquiries. However, this easily accessible information online shouldn’t be the only thing you are promoting and sharing in your exhibit. If your plan is to only share information that people can already easily find online, why would they want to throw away their time in your booth? Your trade show audience should feel compelled to enter your booth, so get them excited to do that!


Make them feel like they’ll miss out on something if they don’t come to your exhibit

Share something on your website homepage about ‘big news coming’ that they can find out when they visit your trade show booth, promote an awesome giveaway that they can only win by visiting your exhibit or even mention a product discount they can receive just by stopping by. If you share things that are only accessible in person, rather than at a click of a button, prospects will be intrigued to keep your exhibit on their go-to list. Don’t forget to share these exciting topics on your company's social media sites as well!

Some trade show attendees won’t see anything online before the show – meaning they may not have any incentive to check out your booth unless you convince them in person. They should be able to see that you’re offering exciting deals, giveaways, etc. just by seeing your booth on the trade show floor. Attendees have short attention spans, and with plenty of other captivating booths surrounding yours, you’ll need to make it clear that they can gain some type of benefit by entering your exhibit space!

Create your booth design and messaging wisely to capture attention and keep attendees from slipping by. Use bold colors to share your promotional activity. Create an inviting layout that allows attendees to see other people enjoying your booth and easily allows access to the fun as well. If you are implementing contests or games, don’t forget to require something in return from attendees for them to qualify, such as their business card, email, a tweet or form.


Offer an experience they can’t get anywhere else

Another way to get your audience excited to come into your booth is by offering an experience that they won’t be able to immerse themselves in online or even in-store. If you’re able to find a guest speaker with a large following, let your audience know that they’ll be there! For example, Lady Gaga announced her partnership with Polaroid at CES, which was a great way to build excitement around the booth since obviously this was only an experience that attendees could get at Polaroid’s trade show booth.

Host fun contests in an area that’s easy for others to watch, with a great prize that’s worth their time. If you want to have a prize with high value, such as 50% off your product, or maybe even giving your product away for free depending on the price and your industry, do a couple of these giveaways every couple of hours. You could always keep track of the scores and announce the winners every few hours. This keeps attendees coming back; engaging and being exposed to your brand even more.

Another draw is a tasty treat that people definitely can’t get when searching for you online. Free food at a trade show is a huge attention grabber, and what’s even better is when you can implement branding into it. There are lots of ways to make free food an added form of interaction in your booth. Get creative and work with your trade show team to find ideas that will excite attendees and draw them in for a great experience.


Integrate technology in your booth

It’s been said, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” You certainly can’t escape the desire for technology that encapsulates most people these days. If you haven’t already incorporated plenty of technology in your booth, it’s definitely a good idea to do so.


Touchscreens and tablets are a draw to visitors and enhance their experience in your booth. This is especially true for younger generation trade show attendees who are starting to control the buying cycle more and more. Whether you’re targeting the tech-savvy Generation Z who loves social media and being entertained, millennials who are used to having everything they need at their fingertips, or Generation X who are highly impacted by testimonials, know your audience and appeal to their technology needs accordingly.

You could use any touch screen device as a tool for visitors to scroll through your portfolio, see product demonstrations and share with them important information you want them to know. Including a charging station near your kiosks is a great way to keep people around even longer! 

The sooner you’re able to intertwine technology into your trade show booth, the better! Since the growing attraction to technology isn’t going away any time soon, feel free to reach out to us today to find out how we can help you with all of your tech needs in your exhibit.

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