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3 Tips for Your Trade Show Product Demo Displays

July 25, 2019

Product demos and displays can be a super useful tool at trade shows in bringing visitors to your trade show booth. Hands-on experience with your products can generate interest in your brand and bring a sense of interactivity to your booth. Product demo displays allow you to promote your products as well as provide users with a better understanding of the product's offerings. By offering demonstrations in this setting, your team can help answer any questions about your product or service and build trust with prospective customers.

Below are three tips to maximize the impact of your product demo displays at trade shows.

1. Keep It Simple
The first tip to product demo displays: don’t bring too many products to put on display. This may seem counter-intuitive, but too many products can be overwhelming to users. It may also look odd if you have 20 products to display and only two visitors at a time visiting your booth. That being said, don’t have too many representatives hovering over your product demo display area as it may seem like hungry vultures instead of friendly and helpful associates. You are looking to provide users with an experience that feels both authentic and natural.

2. Properly Showcase Your Products
The next step when it comes to product demo displays is to properly showcase your products. By considering the layout of your space, you can create a booth allow users to get a great look at your product with the assistance of one of your representatives. How you layout your space is crucial to how your visitors will interact with your product. You need to make your products easily accessible to the public in order for them to feel the want to walk over and try out your product.

3. Differentiate Yourself
A huge thing to keep in mind when it comes to product demo displays is to differentiate yourself in any way possible. Your company needs to show what makes your products different from others in the industry. Support your products with graphics that outline the benefits of your product. Whether your product costs less than the competition, works better or lasts longer, let your audience know.

To learn more about how to properly plan your product demo displays at your next trade show, you may reach out to any of our friendly representatives by emailing us at info@skylineexev.com and we will return your message.

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