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3 Tricks to Making A Bigger Impact on Your Trade Show Attendees

February 19, 2020

You don’t need to purchase a massive island exhibit to make an impact on your trade show attendees. Creating an interactive experience in your booth could make the difference in gaining higher quality leads at your next trade show. Here are three simple elements that you can add to your booth for a higher attendee engagement!

Incorporate Virtual Reality
More and more exhibitors are incorporating virtual reality (VR) into their trade show booths. Why? Because it’s a simple way to stand out against competitors and make attendees feel like they are in a real-life alternate space.

If you choose to incorporate VR into your booth, make sure whatever you are showing on the device aligns with your company’s industry and branding message. For example, if you are in the automotive industry, using virtual reality to see what the car would look like up close without having to go to a dealership could be the icing on the cake for a quick decision-making process. Another example is if your office was recently remodeled and you would like your clients and potential prospects to see it as soon as possible, you can incorporate that ‘tour’ in your virtual reality.

When choosing to use VR in your trade show booth, make sure you budget correctly for this and also use the highest quality product within your budget.


Use Interactive Touchscreen Elements
Ranging anywhere from a small tablet station to a massive touchscreen LED wall, allowing attendees to interact with your brand through technology will leave a greater impression on them and will help them remember your brand long after the show.

Here are ways you can use digital touchscreens in your trade show exhibit:

  • Attendee contact information entry
  • Survey stations – have your booth guests fill out a brief survey of how their experience in your booth was
  • Quick and fun games. Examples: virtual prize wheel, quizzes/trivia. Have a leaderboard on display on different screen so attendees are wanting to come back to see the results
  • Digital brochures on your company products and information that booth guests can scroll through
  • Information on other products you aren’t offering directly at your show
  • App demonstration station



Create Meeting Areas in Your Booth
Having designated meeting areas in your trade show exhibit gives you the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation in a quieter area with interested booth guests. This can be an area where your prospect can get more in-depth questions answered, or where a real-time purchase can be made.

Designing your exhibit to incorporate a meeting area can be as simple as a few comfortable benches in the secluded corner of your booth, to having a separate entire room with a conference table and chairs. This is all dependent on your exhibiting goals and what your event budget allows. If you plan to schedule multiple appointments at your show with big potential customers, opting for a larger room might be your best option. If you think that there will only be occasional one-off conversations, a secluded area with benches or comfortable chairs could be your less costly and best option.

If any of these elements catch your eye and you are looking to incorporate them into your exhibit, reach out to Skyline Exhibits & Events today and we will get started!

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