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4 Must-Have Items to Prevent Last-Minute Struggles in Your Trade Show Booth

September 04, 2019

Sometimes simple fixes can become a stressful, last-minute ordeal if you don’t have the right tools to resolve your minor problem. Keep these four items on your event checklist so you can focus more on the bigger, more important aspects of your trade show.

A Toolkit
Screws can become loose during shipping - if this happens to you, all you’ll need is the correct screwdriver. However, if you don’t have a screwdriver, one loose screw may turn into a rushed scramble to find one before the show. An Allen Wrench or Crescent Wrench may be needed as well to tighten those last-minute nuts and bolts. A scissors can also come in handy - it’s always possible to have a couple pieces of tape or Velcro that need cutting. Rather than having your time cut short before the trade show because you’re looking everywhere for someone with a tool you need, or possibly having to spend extra money on a taxi or Uber to get you to the nearest convenience store, bring a small toolkit along and you’ll have everything you need for those last-minute details!


Stuff that sticks
Tape, magnet, and Velcro will likely be needed at some point in your trade show booth. If you get to the show and realize that something needs to be mounted somewhere, Velcro and magnet can be a life saver. Does your team need to pack boxes for shipping after shows? How are they going to do that without tape? What if you have a label for a box that’s on paper rather than a sticker? Even if you think you have everything completely thought out for your show, there may be small things you overlook, and tape, magnet, and/or Velcro could be the perfect economical fix to save you precious time.


It’s always a good idea to bring extra extension cords and power strips along with your trade show display. Even if you have measurements giving you a pretty good idea of how much length you will need, it will never hurt you to have extra! You may find that you need to re-route your cords for better functionality or to prevent tripping hazards. Additional outlets can also assist you in an unexpected need for charging of your iPads or other technology in your exhibit. Having additional options will save you time when you aren’t having to figure out a way to make your power work while still making sure your booth looks professional.


A steamer
If your display has fabric graphics, it’s important that you also have a small hand steamer. Fabrics can easily get wrinkled when not correctly folded or when your exhibit is constantly being packed and repacked to be shipped from show to show. Bring a steamer to easily fix any wrinkles you happen to accumulate over time. A few small wrinkles here and there won’t be the end of the world, but sometimes you won’t always be so lucky. If another team member decides it would be faster to ball up and stuff your graphics in a bag, and you don’t realize this until right before your next show, a lack of a steamer packed along with your booth will equal a lack of potential leads when prospects see your unprofessional looking graphics. Keep a steamer with your display for each trade show you attend to keep your exhibit looking clean and sharp!


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