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5 Impactful Tips for Creating an Easy to Navigate Trade Show Booth

May 29, 2019

A booth that is hard to navigate may distract potential customers from your main goal of winning them over. To create a polished design that appeals to your booth guests, you’ll need a floor plan that allows for good traffic flow and engagement. We’ve outlined a couple of tips that will help you keep your floor plan effortless to navigate.

#1 Guide people through your booth

One of the most important things to keep in mind when planning for good booth flow is to create a visual pathway. This can help people see exactly where it makes sense for them to walk, and it helps you point them toward the things you want them to see. Highlighting certain products, promotions, or company information is effective for you and will make your guests’ experience effortless, making it a win-win. Visual pathways can be created by using lighting, special flooring, entry points, and exit points. This way, no one will have to search for information and become frustrated with you when they can’t find it.

#2 Stay open to aisles

One trick that may help you see a dramatic increase in booth traffic is to make your booth open to the aisles. Many exhibitors block themselves off from people passing by. This is a less effective way of engaging people and something to avoid. Don’t let fleeting trade show attendees slip through your fingers. Keep your counters and desks to the sides and back of your booth to allow people to feel less intimidated when your booth staff is not blocked off and easily step inside. Having a modular inline display is a great option for keeping your booth open to aisles.

#3 Have an open floor plan

Creating an open floor plan that is easy to navigate helps your booth guests focus on your message. Making your display less of an obstacle course and more of an unobstructed area to easily roam takes planning. Pay attention to keeping different aspects far enough apart that people are able to interact with them separately and not become distracted by too many things at once. Also, be sure that people can easily get from one area to another without having to swerve around multiple elements just to get there. A custom island exhibit is great for keeping things open and flowing and should be able to give you the space you need.

#4 Predict attendee count

When you are designing your booth, predict how many guests you expect to have at a time based on the popularity of the trade show and your previous booth traffic. Considering how busy your booth will be will help you decide what size is best to ensure everyone has enough room. If you attended last year and it felt a little tight, consider upgrading to a larger booth space. Keeping this in mind will help the flow of the booth as you’ll avoid it feeling too crammed. Lots of people in your booth is a great thing! Just make sure everyone has enough room to feel comfortable.

#5 Make sure your booth is big enough

As mentioned earlier, it may be necessary to upsize your booth based on your goals. If there are multiple products you are presenting, give yourself enough room to keep them spread out in your booth. Those interested will be able to focus on each product with intent rather than being distracted by too many people in one place looking at multiple things.

Following these tips will help attendees better navigate your booth and understand the quality of your business without question. Ensuring that your prospects leave your booth with a good taste in their mouth is key to creating even better relationships down the road. Contact us today to get started on creating a booth that helps people see all that you have to offer. 

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