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Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Large Trade Show Displays

March 22, 2017

Designing large trade show displays is a major undertaking for any company. It's a significant investment and if you don't choose the right design, beginning with the floor plan, for the products you're exhibiting, and for your specific marketing objectives and strategies, you're not going to see the return you want on that investment. Start with a well-developed marketing plan and build an exhibit that's custom-designed to give your team every advantage in achieving the goals you've set for them. Choosing from over function in a trade show exhibit can be a costly mistake.

  • Separate Display Spaces - If your company produces multiple product lines, or a series of products that are not directly related, you'll want a floor plan that creates separate display spaces for each product or line. Placing a massive display structure in the center of your space helps define those spaces and it provides vertical space for you to display your company branding with line branding beneath that and product branding closer to eye level. This floor plan allows visitors to approach and enter from any direction and helps create a path of interest that should lead them all the way around your display, giving your team members more opportunity to pull them into a conversation.

  • Cast A Spotlight - If you're exhibiting a single product, your floor plan should take an opposite approach by creating a center stage for the product itself or for an activity that attracts attention to the product. This is especially effective when your single product is large and showy, like a helicopter. Even if you're not exhibiting helicopters, create a prominent display space with lights for your product and keep the supporting material from blocking visitors' view of it. Visitors will be able to spot it from a greater distance, and your booth team will be able to see those visitors coming in time to engage them before they wander off.

  • Create Some Mystery - Some trade show marketing strategies plan to attract less traffic but higher quality prospects by sending out invitations in advance or by using a promotional lure on the trade show floor. For this type of strategy, an exhibit that is partially enclosed by a perimeter wall can boost your exhibit's air of exclusivity. Your team needs to be trained and vigilant to make this type of exhibit effective, though, because many people won't walk in unless they've been specifically invited. This strategy requires advanced marketing to prospects and a booth team that is prepared to usher visitors in and take advantage of the opportunity to talk to them. Once they're inside, your visitors are likely to stay longer in a more peaceful environment, especially if you have seats and water for them.

Expert Advice And Design For Your Trade Show Displays
Creating a large trade show display that accurately reflects your brand image and supports your marketing plan is a significant investment, but with expert advice and design, it's not a risky investment. New Jersey exhibitors rely on Skyline Exhibits to provide all the support and top-quality display components they need to meet and exceed their trade show marketing goals with the right island display for their marketing strategy and products.

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