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Collecting Leads in A Fishbowl Is Putting Your Company at A Disadvantage – Here’s Why.

October 02, 2019

Putting a fishbowl out in your trade show exhibit is putting your company at a disadvantage. If your organization has spent copious amounts of time and money on designing a high-quality exhibit, don’t put all of these efforts to waste by making the mistake of collecting leads in a fishbowl (or any bowl for that matter!) Here’s why: 

Business cards take too long to enter for follow-ups to be sent out in a timely manner.

To have the best chance at turning a lead into a customer or client, it’s important that they are followed up with as soon as possible after your trade show. When you collect attendee information on paper, it’s a much longer process to get to the point of following up. When doing so, you need to have all of your paper leads brought back to your office, delegate someone to enter them into your system, and finally have your follow-up message sent out. By the time you finally follow up, think about how much time has passed since the show.

This lag is a problem because leads should ideally be followed up with almost immediately after an event. If someone showed interest in your product or service at a trade show, it doesn’t mean they aren’t considering other businesses that they encountered there as well. Don’t waste an opportunity and lose a prospect to a competitor because you took too long to contact them after the show. Getting leads digitally allows you to jump on the opportunity while you are still fresh in their minds. You can already have a template created before the show so that once your leads are entered into the system, it can easily be sent before you even return to the office. Here are some other great tips on having an effective follow-up system in place.

Instead… go digital. Collecting lead information digitally makes your follow-up process quicker and easier.

In comparison to the slow ‘paper lead method,’ consider going digital. Having prospects enter their information digitally takes away many unnecessary steps and will allow you to be as timely as possible in your lead follow-up process.

If you’d like to still include a giveaway in return for contact information, you can do so by using a kiosk or tablet that implements your brand image. Rather than tossing their business card in a bowl, your booth guests will have to interact with your booth staff and will likely be more receptive to receiving information if they’re taking the time to stop and enter their information.

As mentioned earlier, when leads are entered into your system right at the show, it gives you the ability to get follow-ups sent out as soon as you’d like. 

Fishbowls compromise quality, creating much more work to have to go through an excessive amount of low-quality leads.

Not only are leads in the form of paper slower to follow up with, they’re also of much lesser quality when collected in a fishbowl. Think about how many times you’ve written down your name, email and number on a piece of paper at an event to enter a drawing, having no idea what the company giving it away even did because all you were concerned with was the giveaway prize. You toss the slip or your business card in the box, bucket or bowl, and go on your way.

You don’t want your booth guests to think or act this way! If they only have their eyes on the prize from the moment they enter your booth to the moment they leave, they likely won’t engage with your brand whatsoever. 

Instead… find ways to collect lead information from those who are truly interested in your product or service.

If you’re going to do a giveaway, greet prospects who enter your exhibit to ensure that they are engaging with your brand in some way. Have a conversation with them, ask them questions, don’t simply point them toward your prize table and let them walk away.

If you want quality leads gained from your show, your prize could include something related to your company or products. This way, the people who are interested in receiving either a discount or some other form of a relatable prize are ones that are truly interested in what your business has to offer. When you follow up with them, they’ll be more likely to make the connection between your prize and your business and be more likely to lead to a sale.

Qualify your leads by asking a survey-type question when they are entering their information. Determining if someone is a high or low-quality lead can help you determine how you will follow up with them and what email sequence they should be a part of in your follow-up plan.

Draw people in with tactics other than prizes. Get them engaged with your brand by offering games, photo booths, and contests!

If your exhibit needs a way to draw people in with something other than a fishbowl sitting next to an irrelevant prize, reach out to us to get started! We’ll formulate a plan that aligns with your business’s branding and budget needs and has trade show attendees loving your exhibit and everything it has to offer. 

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