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Does Your Trade Show Exhibit Company Have These 4 Qualities?

August 14, 2019

A trade show exhibit is an investment that you undoubtedly expect to be highly satisfied with on the final outcome. You wouldn’t trust just anyone to hand your money over to for an exhibit that’s going to represent your company in a big way. But there are lots of factors to consider that you may not think of on your own when considering an exhibit company to work with, especially if you’re new to exhibiting at trade shows. Hear us out on four big things you should be looking into before you decide who’re going to trust when handling your next trade show exhibit.



An exhibiting company that has access to many resources is one that is able to see your exhibit through from start to finish. Finding a company that is able to control many aspects, from design and fabrication to shipping and logistics to final assembly on the show floor, gives you the reassurance that your display is in good hands. For your peace of mind, Skyline Exhibits & Events can be there from your initial design concept to the moment your exhibit touches the show floor, and even beyond.

Finding a trade show exhibit design company with many resources offers you flexibility. Having a widespread trade show management program allows you to choose the level of service that’s right for you! If you have a massive exhibit that requires an experienced I&D team to put it together, you’ll have that option. If you don’t have the ability to store your exhibit in a safe environment, Skyline Exhibits & Events offers asset storage capabilities that will ensure your booth is safe and sound while not in use.

It’s also very beneficial to find an exhibit company that specializes in their own products. Nearly every Skyline product is designed and produced in our MN headquarters. This means that you know your products aren’t being outsourced, and are going to be of the highest quality, making your dollars go much further when your booth is built to last! Skyline has a full capability wood and metal shop, fabrication, graphic printing, and finishing, all executed by experienced experts.


Large Network

An exhibiting company with a large network means that support will never be too far away. For businesses that exhibit all over the country, having a widespread network means low delivery costs on local transport as well as expert I&D supervision likely in your area of exhibiting. Skyline has a network of over 130 dealers worldwide, with service and support near all major venue cities.

If you arrive at your show and notice a missing piece or there is a broken part, having a center nearby will allow us to get you a replacement or repair done as soon as possible. Since our experts are familiar with Skyline product, they’ll know exactly what to do to resolve the issue in a timely manner.


Works for YOU

If you find an exhibit company that works for you, you’ll never have to question their integrity. Skyline Exhibits & Events is here to help you find the best exhibiting solution for your business, not to sell you the largest booth. We understand brand needs and will help you figure out the right size booth for your audience and event. We realize how big of an investment your exhibit is and don’t take that lightly.

Skyline’s core purpose is ‘Helping the World Trade®’. Exhibiting is a big deal, and to find a company who exists to help other companies trade and prosper is one you should find a great deal of trust in working with! Work with an exhibit company that cares and is able to prove it to you with their unmatched knowledge and resourcefulness. Skyline’s team of experienced service professionals is dedicated to making every show a positive experience for you and a success for your company.



Not only should your exhibit company have plenty of experience, they should also have a proven track record of helping their clients find success. After all, trade shows aren’t something to just show up to and hope for the best; it’s important that your trade shows are giving you the ROI needed to continue propelling your business forward. Having a large portfolio is one surefire way to distinguish an exhibiting company as experienced and qualified to work with a multitude of industries.

An exhibiting company that knows the ins and outs of all aspects that go into planning a trade show will give you the best guidance for smooth sailing. Skyline Exhibits & Events offers project management, as our dedicated staff will oversee many tasks needed in the preparation of attending a trade show. If you’re inexperienced in trade shows and feel like there are a million little tasks to take care of, think of us as your show-planning partner with expert advice, prepared and qualified to help make your trade show experience a success.

With lots of experience comes great guidance. A reputable exhibit company will work with you to make you feel confident in the decisions you’re making for your upcoming trade show. Whether it’s advice on graphics, display types to fit your brand, goals, or you need tips on lead qualification or booth involvement, Skyline Exhibits & Events can help you through these tough decisions.


Whomever you choose for your trade show needs, we want you to be successful in your exhibiting involvement! Let us know how if we can help you get started today.

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