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Four Ways To Successfully Staff Your Trade Show Display

November 20, 2015

It's not surprising that, here at Skyline New Jersey, our team of industry experts partner with our clients to create one-of-a-kind, show-stopping New Jersey trade show displays. We firmly believe that an innovative New Jersey trade show display can command crowd attention and effectively propel any business' specific brand message. However, some of our clients are surprised to learn that, at Skyline, we also believe that a captivating New Jersey trade show display is only one piece in the live marketing event success puzzle. In order to truly capitalize on the numerous opportunities delivered at conventions and functions, we also believe that our customers must have the right employees working inside the stand.
Manning Your New Jersey Trade Show Display: Choose Wisely
Don't think that you need a carefully outlined strategy to select the right people to staff your New Jersey trade show display? The answer just may surprise you. At Skyline New Jersey we advocate systematically working through your list of employee options to find the right teammates to work each event. Successfully staffing your New Jersey trade show display will keep guests engaged longer and make the biggest impact possible on every visitor who happens upon your exhibit.
The first thing to consider when staffing your New Jersey trade show display is the experience of your employee options. Remember, your team will be responsible for making a positive first (and sometimes, only) impression on all guests; not having the knowledge and experience needed to effectively answer questions and convey information on your products and services will make your company seem both unseasoned and inept.
While experience is important, it's not the only key consideration when choosing the staff for your New Jersey trade show display. The attitude of the selected staff members will also make a major impact on the results you'll yield during the function. Nothing will repel the crowd like employees who clearly don't want to be at the event; choosing motivated and enthusiastic staff members will not only encourage visitors to stop in, but your employees' attitude may actually inspire guests to stay in your stand longer.
Other Factors To Consider When Choosing Staff For Your Exhibit
Beyond experience and attitude, it's also critical to consider the function of the staff members in your organization when making your final selection. Oftentimes, business owners believe that only sales executives should man their exhibits;, but this is simply not the case. Offering access to a comprehensive cross-section of your organization can deliver impressive results. Working in your marketers, production staff, product managers and even your quality assurance team can offer insight into why your organization is worthy of a guest's business.
Finally, once you've chosen your team, it's vital to manage their expectations. Work with them as much as possible before every event to not only outline specific goals and objectives, but also give them all the tools they'll need to achieve them. Professional training and quantifying goals will give them everything they need to move forward with purpose while manning your New Jersey trade show display.
For more insight on our distinctive approach to New Jersey trade show exhibits, contact our team of experts today!

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