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Here’s A Quick Way to Protect Your Exhibit from Damage

June 04, 2019

Once a crate leaves an exhibit company’s warehouse, it doesn’t always fall into the gentlest of hands. It’s not uncommon for exhibit crates to be mishandled and tossed about when being shipped. Display parts can end up damaged, leading to more expenses on your end. This is especially true if you decide to ship straight to the show rather than a warehouse and get bombarded with extremely high-priced last-minute fix orders and shipping. Avoid damage costs altogether by investing in a shipping case that was designed and created specifically to protect your exhibit.

A Skyline Vault Case will give your display a better chance of staying intact when being mishandled. Whether it’s dropped, tipped over or has things come crashing down on it, your exhibit will have a greater chance of avoiding potential damage.

This product that is made in the USA is built to protect with its sturdy and reliable packaging. With a thick, steel outer coating, straps to hold products in place and a secure foam interior, harsh handling shouldn’t be an issue for your exhibit display parts.

Decrease the odds of your exhibit getting damaged when it’s shipped with a Vault Case made by Skyline Exhibits. For more information on these cases, reach out to us today. 

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