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How to Make Your Virtual Event a Success

April 21, 2020

During this pandemic of COVID-19, meeting for large trade shows and events is simply not possible. While it is nearly impossible to replace the power of face-to-face meetings, it’s important to use this time to keep your brand at the top of consumers’ minds.

What we know right now is that there are a wide range of virtual events from live-streams, animated event productions, webinars, pre-recorded videos, and more. To ensure your brand is being seen at these live virtual experiences, you must create a strategy to engage your target audience that can generate potential leads and sales. Here are some steps you can take:

Define your target audience
While your target audience as a whole is likely already defined, you will want to get a grasp on who your virtual audience will be when your company decides to participate in these events or conferences. This audience may differ from your whole target audience or even your in-person trade show audience. This is due to the fact that some consumers may not feel the need to participate in virtual events and will wait until trade shows get back up and running to participate in the in-person marketing, or on the other hand, you may have new consumers joining virtual events who weren’t able to attend trade shows due to travel restrictions, company budget, etc.

Create a defined virtual event strategy and clear goals
Although virtual events are new to most businesses, you will want to hit the ground running and prioritize what your strategy and goals are for these events - whether it is gaining quality leads, closing a sale, or just general awareness about your brand and company. Start aligning your promotions for these virtual events with your goals. Here are some items to think about once you feel confident about your plan in place:

  • Start promoting on social media
  • Create email blasts to send to potential prospects
  • Offer incentives to attendees
  • Look into sponsorships
  • Make sure your tech is up to date, so you don’t run into issues

Remember virtual events are focused on the visual aspect, so make sure all of your graphics and visual elements are appealing to the consumers’ eye.

Build a virtual event website
Once you have your strategy in place, it’s important to capture as much information as possible for the virtual events. When you start to promote your presence, you will want to create a website landing page to help measure these objectives. This webpage can be your landing page for all your social media promotions, email blasts, and include information about incentives you are offering, and more information on your sponsors. Having everything on one page will be beneficial for your company to measure these metrics and ROI, and for your potential attendees to have all their information in one place!

Partner with a reputable event company
If you aren’t sure where to begin on these new virtual experiences, partnering with a reputable event company can help answer many of your questions.

Skyline Exhibits & Events and our digital marketing event partner have created a program to help companies like yours to ensure that you are able to get in front of your key prospects. We can offer a helping hand on the creative aspect to educate your audiences on your products and services. If creating a virtual experience is something you are interested in, get in contact with us today.

Make a follow-up plan
Because many companies are new to virtual experiences, this is a good opportunity to ask your attendees for feedback. What did you do well? What could be improved? This also gives you an opportunity to thank those who attended or who gave feedback and could spark a conversation about your company and brand. Just like in-person trade shows and events, you are going to want to grade each lead on the importance and urgency of a request. The faster the follow-up, the more probable that your brand will stay on top of the prospect's mind.

Please reach out if you would like to learn more about how Skyline Exhibits & Events can help your virtual event be a success!

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