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Is Your Trade Show Marketing Message Working?

July 29, 2019

When you’re on a trade show floor that’s flooded with exhibitors doing business in your industry, it’s important that you’ve already pinpointed what it is that makes you stand apart from them. Once you’ve figured out your unique marketing proposition, it needs to be a large part of your marketing message to prospects if you want to see the results you’re aiming for. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when crafting your marketing message and how to determine if it was a success. 

How often you should be sharing your marketing message:

To effectively portray your uniqueness in the market, you should be hammering down your message in your before, during and after-show marketing. It won’t be enough to just have a slogan in your exhibit telling trade show attendees that you’re different. If they see your marketing proposition for the first time in your booth, chances are, they won’t remember it later on.

Are there any marketing messages for big brands that seem to come to mind whenever you see or hear about that brand? It’s likely because you’ve heard their message more than once. To really remember something about a company, you need to hear it multiple times. Research has shown that a prospect needs to hear a message seven times or more before they will buy from you. Keep this in mind when planning for your trade show marketing!


When you should be sharing your marketing message:

If you have a trade show coming up, use your social media platforms in advance to show why and how you stand out. There are plenty of ways to get prospects excited to come to your booth to see for themselves; give sneak peeks of new products, tell them what type of experience they should expect when they enter your exhibit, share your upcoming promotions and get them intrigued.

Once they find your booth at the trade show, show prospects in person why you’re the best solution to their problem. Follow through on what you promised in your social media posts and give product demonstrations that excite your audience. Doing this will strengthen your overall lead quality and set you up for success.

Once the show is over, it doesn’t mean to stop hammering down on your message. Use your follow-up messaging to continue conveying the things that make you different and telling your audience why they want to buy from you instead of others that they spoke with at the trade show.

What points your message should hit on:

To be sure that your message is convincing and that prospects are understanding it fully, your messaging should:

  • Address the issues or needs that your audience deals with. Connect to their emotions and use examples of real people who’ve dealt with those same trials.
  • Follow up your acknowledgment of your audiences’ needs by providing a solution. People want to see that your solution works and works well, so consider sharing testimonials from people who’ve loved your product or service. Trust is huge in business, and it’s important that people truly believe that your company can deliver the benefits it’s promising.
  • Share why your solution is top-notch and give your audience a reason to choose you over your competitors. What makes you unique and why is your solution the best deal?

Pay attention to what others in your industry are focusing on in their messaging and be sure not to duplicate or overlap.

How do you know if your marketing message was successful?

Once your show is over, it’s always important to look back and scan for what could’ve been improved. Having insight into what worked well and what didn’t can tell you how to improve your future campaigns and messaging.

To get a hold on how effective your pre-show marketing was, ask your team how many booth guests mentioned your social media posts. One great way to do this is by creating a post about a giveaway for those who mention that post in your booth. If you were targeting a specific audience, did the demographics of those you targeted match your average booth visitor? Was there a good turnout? If people knew you were exhibiting ahead of time and saw that you were going to have an interesting exhibit experience to offer, it’s likely that they kept an eye out for your booth, helping increase your attendance!

To understand how effective your at-show messaging was, ask yourself if people seemed interested in getting more information or if they seemed bored or confused with your exhibit. For your after-show messaging, include surveys in your follow up emails. Knowing if people were resonating well with what you were trying to tell them will help you understand what you might need to tweak for your next show! Also, look at your turnout for leads. If you gained ample, quality leads in comparison to past shows, then you’re likely on the right track with your messaging!  

Maybe you’ve felt too overwhelmed with other large trade show responsibilities that you haven’t had time to focus on the before-show messaging aspect; Skyline Exhibits and Events offers many services to help give you peace of mind so you can put more focus on your marketing. If this information has been helpful for analyzing your past trade show messaging and you’ve decided that you need something new for your next booth, contact us today!

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