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New Year, New Ways to Maximize Your Trade Show Efforts

December 31, 2019

As every new year rolls around, people make goals of maximizing each day and taking advantage of new opportunities. Why not have the same mindset with your upcoming year of trade shows? Maximizing your budget isn’t always easy when you’re trying to maintain the quality of your exhibiting efforts, but it’s doable! There might be some promotional opportunities that you have yet to take advantage of as well. Cheers to a successful year of exhibiting!

Make Your Budget Go Further

If you’re trying to cut costs in some areas while continuing to grow and make improvements in others, there are lots of ways to make your exhibit budget go further.

Only Attend the Shows That Are Going to Benefit You

One large expense that comes with exhibiting at trade shows is renting a booth space. If you’re exhibiting at many different shows each year, this cost can add up quickly. But do you need to be exhibiting at all of these shows to get the results you’re targeting?

Maybe not! Do some research on shows in your area and beyond that might be more relevant to your business and industry. If your company has always attended the same shows each year without taking the time to research other shows that might be a better fit, take the time to do this research now!

Finding higher quality trade shows and cutting out the shows that haven’t given you the greatest results can trim your booth space costs while still potentially resulting in a greater ROI.

Here are some great tips on figuring out which trade shows are worth your investment. One smart question to start off asking yourself and your team is, were the majority of attendees potential qualified buyers? If not, you can probably find different shows that have more high-quality prospects.


Keep Your Exhibit Buying and Storing Local

Purchasing from an exhibit company that is local to you is a huge money saver, especially if you tend to exhibit locally. Buying locally and attending more local shows will cut down on your shipping, drayage and travel costs.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing an exhibit company across the country just because they fit your budget. If you tend to exhibit locally, your total expenses may be much higher with the added shipping fees than you would have spent with a local exhibit company.   

If you’ve found shows that give you great results, but are spread across the country, Skyline’s dealer network is a simple solution. The dealer network offers climate-controlled storage facilities near all major trade show cities. Rather than shipping your exhibit back and forth across the country, you’ll save on shipping charges and the risk of damage to your booth in transport.


Pay Attention to Your Trade Show Teams’ Expenses

If you do have non-local shows that give you great outcomes and you can’t avoid travel costs, here are some tips for budgeting when sending your trade show staff to an event. A trade show booth staff is one of the most important aspects of your booth, but it can also be one of the most expensive when sending the team to trade shows. Pay attention to the small things like group rates, transportation, and meal limits, as they all add up quickly, especially for a large trade show staff.


Purchase A Simpler Exhibit That Doesn’t Require as Much Labor but Still Stands Out  

Just think… a beautiful, on-brand exhibit that has a large presence, can be set up without tools, weighs less and costs you much less to ship… sounds pretty good, right!? This simplified exhibit is possible with a modular exhibit.

Skyline’s modular systems are designed to look amazing while reducing shipping, installation and storage costs. They even come with the ability to alter your design and create any branded look show to show. As a product designed with savings in mind, a modular system could be a great option for saving you money across the board!  

Take Every Opportunity to Present Your Booth in The Best Light

The new year is all about taking advantage of opportunities. Don’t overlook these easy steps that you can take to promote your upcoming trade shows and increase attendance at your booth!

Utilize Social Media

Social media is a free platform to increase your exposure and win over fans – don’t waste this opportunity! If you’re not yet using social media or you haven’t exactly put forward your best efforts when promoting your trade show presence, now’s the time!

And don’t settle for a little pre-show social media mention of your upcoming show and stop there. Instead, go all out on social before, during and after your trade shows!

Get people excited and informed about some fun things you’ll have to offer at your upcoming trade show. When you’re there, delegate one of your staff members to stay engaged online to get attendees to want to visit you. Stay involved on social media after the show too – this is the best time to recap your success, announce winners of any giveaways or offer surveys with incentives for those who visited your booth.

There are plenty of ways to stay engaged on your social media platforms before, during and after the show – be sure that you’re taking advantage of the opportunity!


Use Your Website to Get Buyers to The Show to See You

Interested prospects who visit your website may not know that you’re attending your upcoming show unless they come across your company’s name on the show’s list of exhibitors. Let them know on your website homepage of your upcoming event attendance!

For those who are very interested in purchasing from your business, seeing something exciting about your upcoming exhibiting plans may be enough to make them want to attend the show altogether if they weren’t originally planning on visiting. If they were already planning on attending the trade show, then you’ll definitely be on their radar.


We’ve all heard the saying, “New Year, new me.” Bring this attitude to your company’s exhibiting efforts and strategize with your team on the ways that you can save money and capitalize on opportunities. If our services and products can help you achieve these goals, our experts would love to help.  

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