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Now is the Perfect Time to Revamp Your Trade Show Marketing Efforts

April 01, 2020

Now more than ever, many exhibitors find their trade shows being cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19. According to CEIR – Center for Exhibition Industry, a full recovery for the exhibition industry is expected by 2021. During this downtime, it’s important to remain positive, and utilize this time to revamp your trade show marketing efforts. Here are some questions you should ask yourself about your trade show exhibiting program, and possible resolutions.


Do you go to your shows without a social media promotional strategy?
If you don’t use social media to promote your trade show presence, now is the time to get a strategy in place! During this downtime, you could map out an entire social media strategy that can help boost the turnout of attendees in your booth. To start, make sure you are promoting your presence at the show before, during and after the show – and on all platforms. Here are effective ways to do this Once you have your strategy in place, start promoting your presence at your upcoming or rescheduled trade shows!


Are you confident that your booth staff team is representing your company well and gathering the best quality leads?
If not – it’s time to change that! If your booth staff has historically only consisted of salespeople who weren’t meeting your lead capturing goals, start to think about other members of your team that will. Engineers (product experts), marketing, and really anyone on your staff who is friendly and outgoing, along with your salespeople will create a well-rounded team that can answer more questions right on the spot. (Don’t forget to dress the part!)

Is your booth size aligning with the amount and quality of leads you are receiving?
If you have noticed that your booth is packed with attendees – that is great! But now may be the time to think about upgrading your booth size. If you were in a 10x10 or 10x20 inline, a 20x20 booth space will allow for attendees to fit more comfortably in your booth so you have the opportunity to give your full attention to all of the prospects that walk into your exhibit.

If you expect to have a larger turnout from one show versus another, there are options to allow you to configure the size of your booth from 10x10, to 10x20, to a 20x20 island. If this is something that sparks your interest, reach out today.




Is there an exhibit element that you’ve always wanted to add to your booth, but haven’t had to time to incorporate it?
Have you always liked the idea of adding a hanging sign, more exhibit storage, or digital elements? This downtime allows you to start the process of incorporating any of these!

Hanging signs give your exhibit that added attention and opportunity for more branding messaging. Skyline’s SkyFlyer hanging structures allow custom shapes and sizes – all depending on what you would like to accomplish with your branding message, and the size of your exhibit.

Extra miscellaneous items lying around can make your exhibit look messy and unprofessional. If you find this happening after your booth is set-up, incorporating an affordable exhibit storage unit is a seamless way to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Here are some options to help you with this!

When it comes to digital elements, whether it’s a monitor, touchscreen kiosk, or a large video wall – adding any of these to your exhibit will give attendees the opportunity to interact with your company and brand even more. You can use these to incorporate interactive games, a way to gather prospect contact information or use a screen to showcase your demos or presentations.


Wanting to incorporate giveaways or promotional items that your attendees will actually remember your company by?
Maybe you’ve been handing out cheap branded pens or water bottles that usually end up in the trash at the exhibit hall. If your trade show marketing budget allows, use this time to brainstorm ideas for giveaways that your attendees will want and that will help them to remember your company.

If you want to ditch the giveaways all together, giving an incentive like a discount on one of your products or services may be one of the best ways to have attendees follow through with a sale, or at least give their contact information for you to follow up with.

This time of uncertainty allows you to take a step back and realize what is and isn’t working in your trade show marketing strategy. Let this be a positive time for you to get prepared and come back even stronger! Reach out today and one of our trade show experts will get in touch and guide you every step of the way.

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