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The App That Will Help You Understand and Improve Your Trade Show’s Environmental Impact

June 18, 2019

The impact of global trade on our environment is high, but there are small things in the trade show world that we can do to make a difference. Better yet, there’s now a sustainability app that can help to better understand the environmental footprint one can leave by attending an event. The My Event Footprint app aims to help event hosts and attendees to better grasp the impact that they can have.

Making smart decisions along the way is what it’s all about. The way you travel, the way you pack and the way you eat all play a part in the world around you. By answering 15 questions, an event attendee can find out how much water they save by making certain changes, as well as how much energy and emissions they can save. The app is sure to keep things light and easy to understand by using a simple storytelling method.

Some questions included to help you gauge what you could be saving in energy, water and emissions are things like, “Did you bring and use a reusable water bottle?”, “Did you take public transportation to the event?” and “Did you use a mobile app instead of a paper program?” All these and other questions telling you how many bathtubs of water you saved, how many hours of energy it would’ve taken to power an average US household, and how many emissions you took off the trip of a car in miles.

It’s great knowing that there are things you can do to minimize the harmful impact that traveling to and from an event can have.

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind to minimize your footprint.

Turn everything off or down in your hotel room

When you’re not using your room, be sure to turn down the heat or air conditioning. Rooms can heat up or cool down quickly upon return, and the energy you save while you’re gone will be far worth it. Another way to avoid wasting energy is by turning off your lights, radio, and TV.

Walk and use public transportation

Finding a hotel that’s close to your event will save you from having to take a cab, minimizing harmful emissions. If you’re unable to get within walking distance from your event center, consider public transportation. Many trade shows even offer shuttle buses to and from the show. If you can’t do any of these things and must take a taxi or Uber, do your best to carpool!

Bring a reusable water bottle

You’d be surprised at how thirsty you might get from the busyness of an event and all of the walking that takes place. Rather than taking a free plastic water bottle from every single booth that offers one, bring a reusable, insulated water bottle. This will not only keep your water fresh, it will also reduce waste.

If you’ve ever wondered if you can make a difference to the sustainability of an event, the answer is yes. No matter how many trade shows you exhibit at each year, there are always ways to minimize your impact by altering the small choices you make. Now just imagine the impact that we could make if we all were a little more conscious about our actions when traveling to events and even traveling in our everyday lives. Share this post to spread the word about the little actions that add up, and that everyone can work on.

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