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The Benefits of Backlighting Your Trade Show Display

May 14, 2019

If you’re a small business that is exhibiting frequently, you want something that’s easy to set up and takedown. You aim for something that’s not too complex and time-consuming, but still doesn’t look like it was just thrown together. You need a happy medium – something that pops on the show floor without having to be a massive standing structure.

Your solution may be a backlit display - one of the fastest-growing design styles in the trade show world. 



The LED backlighting of your display will elevate the appearance and sensation of your exhibit, giving it the pop it needs to capture the attention it deserves. With the help of backlighting, your flat graphics become eye-popping murals that enhance your brand. As many booths on the floor all tend to blend together, your booth will be sure to stand out from your competition when attendees can see it glowing across the show floor.

More than just trade show worthy

When you’re not exhibiting at a show, these displays can be used in your lobby, shopping malls or an event you put on. Since they are customizable, you can configure your display and alter your design to work for the environment that it’s in. Even if your company doesn’t exhibit at trade shows, backlit displays are a great feature to enhance and brighten a retail environment.

Adaptable to fit needs

Backlighting can be added to multiple display types. Lightbox frames give a sleek appearance as the graphic fabric is stretched tightly across the ultra-thin frame. Unlike some other fabrics that look washed out when backlit, Skyline Exhibits uses a fabric that delivers even more intense colors and contrast when lit. It’s also foldable for condensed shipping and storing, saving you money. If there are different aspects of an exhibit that you’d like to amplify, LED backlighting can be applied to light towers, lightbox displays, and pop-ups. It can even be integrated into an island design for a pop of brightness.

Enhances booth guest experience

When a trade show attendee sees your well-lit booth on a crowded show floor, it becomes not only more visible, but more reader-friendly. The brightly lit wording and strong contrast will make it easy for them to read about your business and understand your messaging right away. Having well-done backlit graphics and clear wording can quickly draw attention to your product displays, demo areas and other important aspects of your booth. This easy to follow messaging creates a better experience for your trade show attendees.  


Affordable option

Adding size to a booth quickly adds up. With LED lights being very inexpensive, a backlit display will bring the quality of your booth to a new level, without adding any extremely high expenses. Opting for this type of display will also boost your ROI when you are able to attract more leads, making this investment completely worth it!


It’s inevitable that there will always be competition at the trade shows you attend, vying for the attention of potential buyers. Having a booth that incorporates backlighting will ensure that you attract more visitors, assisting you toward your goals. Contact us today for a quote to start incorporating backlighting into your standout booth!

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