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The Custom Display That Will Fit Your Distinctive Brand

July 15, 2019

Skyline has many display types that are able to help portray a brand through its entire exhibit space. Perhaps one of our most versatile display types is the PictureScape® Display System. With nearly unlimited possibilities of shapes and sizes to fit your brand’s needs, this display will give you the look you need to go above and beyond your typical trade show expectations.  

Make Your Booth Memorable with A Shaped Outline

Picturescape® offers custom-shaped frames, meaning that nearly any curved or angled shape is available. Rather than your normal, rectangular-shaped backwall, you can create more of an experience with atypical outlines that stand out. A display that goes above and beyond four simple corners and straight lines will always be more memorable to a trade show attendee. Whether you’re going for a sharp, clean look, a specific logo shape, or a soft rounded theme, Skyline has you covered. 

This display pictured below utilized PictureScape® to mimic the look of solar panels and the appearance of a roof. By using different shapes and dimensions, the display was able to easily portray different aspects of the company in a way that flowed seamlessly with the design. The shaping of the display not only made it easy to follow, it was also easy to quickly understand what the company does without having to read anything. An easy to identify booth on a busy trade show floor is a great way to get the right prospects over to your booth!


The booth here used PictureScape® to get a twisty, pointy outer edge look to match their theme and brand. The curved frame complimented the graphics and formed more of an experience than a simple straight-edged display would have created.   


PictureScape® allowed this display to easily portray what it is they do with the shape of a honeycomb as part of their backwall. The design then allowed the company to seamlessly share information in different areas of the display without having to worry about running out of space.

Create Depth for Easy Navigation

By layering different frames in your exhibit and using LED ribbon lights on the overlapping areas, you can create depth. Creating this depth allows you to implement more information throughout your booth without it blending together on a single slab backdrop. The added dimension makes it easier for attendees to interpret information throughout your booth. 

The PictureScape® below was able to create depth by overlapping multiple pieces in this inline exhibit. The backwall was able to include more information than it would have if it were a single flat wall. The text near the top of each section is close together but is easily differentiated and doesn’t run together because of the different layers.


The display below used overlapping and ribbon lighting between layers to create two different feels in the booth, exemplifying their brand and message well. As the outer corners gave the comfy feel of a corner of a room in a home, the middle section displayed more of an office look, all while seamlessly standing apart yet coming together nicely.


Add Product Shelving for Seamless Functionality

For displaying your lightweight products, small shelves are available to separate areas and add functionality. This gives the ability to include more information in large fonts as they are separated by shelving and not running together, decreasing any chance of confusion. 

In the display pictured below, monitors and shelving separated different information given throughout the booth. This separation made the booth very easy to navigate and allowed attendees to see different aspects as they were intended to be seen.


This PictureScape® used product shelving well to make their product part of the design. With an entire section of the wall consisting of merchandise, it created a nice gap between the taller outer tower consisting of information and the center logo.

If you’re looking for a display that fits your brand, Skyline can assist you in finding the perfect design. Look past the typical four corner booth backwall and consider our PictureScape® Display System for creating a memorable experience for your booth guests. Reach out today to get started!

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