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The Power of Human Connection on Marketing

June 24, 2019

Have you ever purchased something, and then asked yourself why you made that decision? Why did you buy from one brand rather than another that sells a near equivalent product or service? Your response to this question may be something along the lines of you preferring the company you bought from, but why do you prefer them? It’s likely that this is true because you’ve grown to like and trust this company.


Liking and Trusting and Why These Two Things Are So Important 

Likeability and trust are two main factors that buyers take into consideration when they are making a purchase. If they are a loyal customer, it’s likely that it took some time for them to get to that point of faithfulness. They must’ve received great service, found that the product or service they were purchasing was of high quality and had an overall easy and pleasing experience. While it may be possible to achieve this likeability and create this trust when someone is making an online purchase, an even more effective way to do this is in person. Trade show marketing proves to be one of the best ways to do this.

Speaking with prospects and current customers is a great way to have a one-on-one, personable and enjoyable interaction that will take your business further. Although companies are consistently coming out with new ways to make their online marketplace more interactive and personable, nothing beats an in-person interaction. So, how does a business nail down these goals?

How to Build Trust

In business-to-business marketing, human interaction is the greatest chance you have for making a great connection and gaining someone’s trust. This is why your trade show execution is so important. So how do you begin to build trust when you get the chance to speak to current and potential customers at your next trade show?

Listen Well

Start off with making sure that your booth staff listens well. Interactions should be a two-way street. So, while it’s important that your booth staff is educating prospects and communicating your brand’s message, listening to and acknowledging any concerns is also a must to build that trust. Since customers want to know that they are being heard, you’ll want to make sure that they feel like you are listening to them and that what they have to say isn’t being overlooked.

Show Your Expertise

You’ll also want to portray yourself as an expert in your field to establish trust. This means your booth staff must be well informed and able to convey the reasons that your brand stands apart.

Other simple ways for your trade show staff to gain trust from attendees:

  • Shaking hands with anyone that enters the booth
  • Making proper eye contact when speaking to prospects
  • Being genuine and friendly in every interaction
  • Exemplifying respect by using proper manners at all times (prospects are always watching, so be sure that you treat everyone you encounter with respect and keep a professional demeanor)


How to Establish Likeability

If you’ve obtained the full attention of someone in your booth, congrats - you’re already steps ahead in generating likeability around your brand with the opportunity for one-on-one interaction. You get to decide what their experience consists of, so be sure that you take this opportunity to make it great.

Be Polite

Politeness will go a long way when you are trying to establish likeability from a prospect. Staff your booth with people who radiate warmth and a positive vibe. They must be able to keep their cool in high-pressure situations and continue to stay positive and respectful.

Educate your Booth Staff

No one wants to talk to someone who doesn’t seem to know anything about the company they represent. As mentioned earlier about being seen as an expert in your field, be sure that your booth staff can answer questions that come up and are well-educated on the offerings of your business. It’s also more probable that attendees will like and trust your brand when they hear from someone who’s able to speak knowledgeably about your company in a positive light. Convincing attendees that you are the one who will be the best at solving their problem will make them like you even more when they see all that you can do for them to make their lives easier.

More easy steps to take to create likeability around your brand through in-person marketing:

  • Smile – a friendly smile goes a long way. Smiles are also contagious and when someone in your booth smiles back at you, it will put them in a better mood which will create a positive feeling around your brand. 
  • Be personable – no one likes a salesperson who’s just too overbearingly... ‘salesy.’ Don’t forget that the prospects coming to your booth are people and people love real human connections. So, before you cut to the chase of what you’re trying to sell, get to know a little bit about an attendee first so they see that you care.

If you have more questions about face-to-face marketing, reach out to us! And if you’re ready to start designing a booth that supports your goals of creating great in-person connections, let’s get started today.

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