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The Social Media Do's and Don’ts to Remember When Exhibiting

October 24, 2019

Trade show attendees may love what they see when they experience your exhibit on the trade show floor. However, if they look for you on social media after the show and find that your social media presence doesn’t look a whole lot like what they just experienced in your exhibit, it may be a turn-off. Keep these tips in mind when formulating your trade show marketing plan to ensure that your company’s digital and physical presences are consistent and cohesive.


Don’t post only irrelevant content.

Sure, it’s okay to post content on your social platforms that may not directly relate to your upcoming trade show but be sure that irrelevant content isn’t the only thing you’re sharing.

Do post content that supports your trade show marketing message 

If you’re a growing business, chances are you’re consistently changing and evolving. This means that if your organization isn’t the most prevalent on social media, the photos you shared a couple months ago are not going to be relevant to what’s currently going on in your business now. Get your social media up to date and create engaging posts that share the same message you’re sharing in your booth.  

If your company is currently staying consistent on social media, be sure that its social posts are cohesive with the marketing message your exhibit is aiming to convey. If you just launched a new product, are sharing updates about your company, are promoting a special offer or are making any other announcements, your social media platforms should convey this message as well.

If someone is excited to hear all about your new product updates, they may jump onto your Facebook or Instagram page to find more photos or details. They may even want to share this new information with their business colleagues. If they can’t easily find what they’re looking for, they may become frustrated and quickly lose interest.

Also, trade show attendees are known for sharing their own photos at events. If they tag your company in their photo, be sure that when their followers click on the tag to see your page, that your content is consistent with the message you want them to see.


Don’t only share content before and after the trade show

There is so much going on during a trade show that it may seem time-consuming to be active on social media during the show. However, this is one of the best times to engage with prospects and customers!

Do share content while you are exhibiting 

Sharing content while you’re at the show will help your audience better connect with your brand and maintain a consistent presence between your exhibit and social accounts. This can be done in many ways.

If someone at the show resonated well with your exhibit in person, and they seek you out on social media, they will quickly remember the message you were conveying at the trade show by seeing a photo of your booth. They’ll likely remember what they enjoyed about your exhibit, reminding them again why they may want to do business with or purchase from your company.


The people who are visiting your booth are also likely active on social media during the show. Use this to your advantage. Get permission from booth guests to share photos of them engaging with your brand. Some photos you could show off could include guests playing a game that you incorporated in your exhibit, speaking to your booth staff, interacting with your products and enjoying your company’s photo booth. When people are in a photo, they are also likely to share it – giving your company some added exposure!

Schedule posts ahead of time to be sent out during your trade show. This saves time on your booth staff’s end, but keeps attendees updated! You could post something that lets people at the show know that you’re giving away special items in your booth or that you’re running a promotion that they don’t want to miss. Use the show’s hashtag in your posts so that people at the show who are searching the hashtag are more likely to find your page if they don’t happen to be searching for you specifically.

Updating your social media with what’s going on in your exhibit before, during, and after the trade show is a great way to keep prospects up to date. Sharing news, exhibit photos, and updates will help them relate to your brand much more when they go from your physical booth to your online presence and see consistent communication.

If staying up to date on social media sounds like a whole lot of work while balancing everything else revolving around your upcoming trade show, we can help lighten the workload! Skyline Exhibits & Events offers many services to give you peace of mind and to help you maximize your company’s results. From exhibit design and project management to inventory and shipping and everything in between, we have your back. Reach out today to see what we can do for you! 

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