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Top Reasons to Rent A Trade Show Display

May 21, 2019

Different business circumstances determine whether it makes the most sense to rent or purchase your trade show display. Here are some of the reasons why companies decide to rent their booth rather than purchase:

They have a tight marketing budget

Skyline’s research shows that 60% of exhibitors rent to reduce costs and gain flexibility. Some marketing budgets are tight, and if this is the case, a smaller rental booth can still make a big splash. Click here to read about how to make a big impact with a smaller size booth. Businesses who rent don’t have to sacrifice quality either. They’re actually able to get a slightly nicer booth than they would have been able to afford upfront. They’re also able to use the money they saved to increase their ROI by implementing additional features such as staffing, giveaways, etc.

They haven’t settled on a surefire booth display

Some companies use trial and error to figure out what type of experience and messaging resonates best with their target audience. They aren’t quite ready to invest in a large booth that they’ll be using for years to come. Renting is a great way to find out what aspects of a booth are great at getting a company the ROI that makes attending a trade show worth it. Once they figure that out, then it’s a great time to pull the trigger on purchasing an exhibit.

They attend very few shows a year

Renting typically costs about three to four times less than purchasing, so companies that only attend one or two shows a year are better off renting their booth. With these few shows; their booth costs will be cheaper than purchasing a whole exhibit, and they save money on owner fees such as storage and maintenance.

Their company is evolving

It’s a big commitment to purchase a custom-built exhibit. If a company is young, still growing, their goals are changing, or their messaging is evolving, then it’s important to have the flexibility to match their booth to those changing needs. Renting allows for these regular changes of display design and function without having to purchase a whole new booth.  

Skyline Exhibits gives you and your rental display the same great service and attention as if you were to purchase a custom exhibit. These qualities combined with the cost savings and convenience of renting is great if you aren’t quite ready to purchase a booth display. You’ll want a trade show company with plenty of rental inventory, giving you more possibilities to better represent your brand while keeping within your budget. Contact us today for a wide variety of options to create a cost-effective, impactful booth.

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