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Trade Show Promotion Strategies for Each Social Platform

December 11, 2019

How many people do you see walking the trade show floor on their phones? Or maybe a better-phrased question would be, how many people do you see that are not on their phones? Get the attention of these attendees by making sure you are promoting your presence consistently across all the popular social media channels. Here are some of the most effective ways to do this for each platform:

LinkedIn will be best used for your pre-show and post-show promotions (although it certainly doesn’t hurt to promote your presence while at the show either). Since it is the most professional social network, the probability of reaching decision-makers is higher. When posting your content before your trade show, share the updates to your company page and encourage your staff and other users to like and comment on the posts. This will increase your engagement and send a clear message that your company will be exhibiting at the show. If you are willing to take it a step further, think about using sponsored ads to promote your event. Sponsored ads are a great way to reach a wider target audience that could benefit from knowing that you will be attending the show. After your event, post photos and videos from the show, thank attendees for stopping by your booth and announce any giveaway winners.

Facebook has over a billion daily active users, so it will likely reach the most people out of any platform. You can start with creating a Facebook event on your company page and by consistently posting about your presence at the trade show. Facebook allows you to boost any post and reach certain locations and demographics. While you are at the event, try using Facebook Live to show off any demos, activities, or giveaways to attract attendees into your booth. This can also reach potential prospects that couldn’t make the event, making them wish they could have attended. Remember, a lot of users will be viewing your content on their phones, so make sure your posts and graphics are mobile friendly!

Twitter is the go-to social platform for your at-show promotion. Usually, trade shows will have an official hashtag that exhibitors and attendees can follow to find exhibitors and see special announcements, quick reminders, or new product launches. When drafting your tweets, include that hashtag and all of your other commonly used hashtags to make sure you reach the most people possible.

Instagram is rapidly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among millennials. When you are posting trade show photos, use the best quality images you have and include the associated hashtags to become more visible. Instagram also allows you to add ‘stories’ to your page – this is a great way to show of any at-show activities, giveaways, or experiences that you are offering in your booth. You can also add the hashtags in these stories, along with your specific location. Instagram is also a great tool to use to thank attendees for visiting your booth and to post recap photos or videos.

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