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What’s the Purpose of a Meeting Room Within My Booth?

June 12, 2019



If you’ve seen or heard of other companies implementing meeting rooms in their trade show booths, you may be thinking, “I just put so much effort and thought into my booth design; creating great engagement opportunities, spending extra money on beautifully printed graphics and even incorporating a great contest. Why do I need to make a separate room that would deter someone from these things?”

The goal of a meeting room is not to deter someone from experiencing the greatness of your booth only to stick them in a secluded room. The goal is to allow all booth guests to experience your exhibit and to gauge their level of interest in your business. If someone is clearly interested in talking business, your separate meeting room gives you the opportunity to do that without distractions from the show floor.

Having a meeting room in your exhibit will help you go beyond strictly surface level conversations and open up the opportunity to dive deeper. Being able to speak in private and give someone exclusivity to you is a much more professional setting to discuss business. Lacking a private space to speak may result in your prospect wanting to discuss business at a later time, which may be too late. Don’t let your prospect slip through your hands by continuing to another booth and being persuaded to work with someone else while at the show. While you have a prospect’s attention, take the opportunity and use it to impress, illustrate your company’s value and make a deal, or at least grow that connection.

Leaving a trade show with lots of leads is great, but what about leaving with valuable business connections that are more likely to turn into a partnership? Having the option to speak to your prospects in private will increase your odds of creating these higher-value relationships. Plus, many private or semi-private meeting rooms have comfortable chairs to allow your clients to rest their feet and encourage them to increase their time spent in your booth.

Chances are, the great exhibit strategies you’ve executed have gained attention, trust, and interest from prospects. The next step is creating a designated area to take them aside to a private location to discuss business.

Wondering how big your meeting room should be or questioning how it’s possible to add a meeting room to your booth space without sacrificing precious square footage? Reach out to Skyline Exhibits and Events today to hear from a trade show professional.

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