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Why Trade Show Games Are the Perfect Marketing Opportunity

July 08, 2019

While trade show attendees are walking the show floor, soaking in all of the information they’re being told and perhaps becoming tired of listening to others talk, a game is the perfect opportunity for them to let loose and change that mindset. If you decide to implement a game, your booth will be taking a more unique approach than many other booths, making a great impact on prospects, generating more leads and creating more awareness of your brand.

Increasing brand awareness through trade show games

At trade shows, while there are countless companies just like yours trying to make people become more aware of them, incorporating games in your trade show booth will help people better recognize your brand once the show is over.

First off, games are a great way to get people interested in your exhibit. When people see others having fun, winning prizes, beating scores, testing their skills and competing against one another, they also want a piece of the action. So, with an enticing game, you’ve already overcome the common obstacle of watching people scoot by your booth as they avoid eye contact because of the assumption that you’re ready to give them your sales pitch. Instead, attendees will be excited to step inside your booth and learn how they can start interacting.

Once you have people in your booth space, ready to engage with you and your brand, the next step is to make sure that you’re doing small but impactful things to ensure people are actually learning something about your company and remembering things about it. Some ideas on how to make sure that your game is effective are to include company colors, fonts, images and logos in your game. All of these things help attendees become more aware of your company brand. As they see and become familiar with you, they will also be more likely to trust you. Research shows that people are more likely to purchase from a company that they recognize. So, just by providing a fun and interactive game in your booth, you’re helping to increase your likelihood of future success with new prospects. Increased brand awareness is the greatest starting point to also increasing sales.


Generate more leads with a game in your trade show booth

Who knew that bringing out peoples’ competitive side, offering fun prizes and even bragging rights would also be a great lead generator? We knew! This is why we know why it’s so important for exhibitors to understand the value that games can provide at a trade show booth.

Obviously more people in a booth equals more opportunity for additional leads, but just entering a booth and playing a game isn’t always enough for someone to be sold on a company. So, how do you make their time in your booth worthwhile and meaningful? One way is to ask your booth staff to engage with people waiting in line. They’re already waiting to play the game, so they won’t feel like you’re wasting their time since they’d still be standing there anyway. Catching someone in line while they’re not focused on getting to the next booth is a great opportunity to speak without distractions and have a great conversation.

Attendees also have their guard up at times when dealing with salespeople on the show floor, so when they’re willingly standing in your booth, they’ll likely be less hesitant to engage. With an opportunity like this to have a friendly conversation and build quality relationships with those in your booth, it’s a great way to obtain prospects as well.

Another way to gain more leads when there are lots of people entering your booth for a game is to ask for their contact information before they play the game. Let them know that if they have one of the highest scores of the day, you’ll send them a prize, big discount offers or some other great incentive. In addition to their contact info to follow up with them after the show, ask them qualifying questions to rank them with other leads. 

More people engaging with your booth is a great way to grow your lead count, but make sure you put in the effort to get those high-quality leads as well!

Including a game in your trade show booth is a surefire way to get more people interested in you. From there, it’s up to you to make connections and brand yourself in a way that is able to increase brand awareness and generate more high-quality leads. For more advice on how to create an interactive and impactful booth design, reach out to us today!  

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