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4 Substantial Explanations for Why Your Trade Show Exhibit Isn’t Flooding with Traffic

September 16, 2019

If you’ve been pouring every ounce of your effort into your trade show marketing initiatives but continue to see attendees walk on by to other booths, there may be an explanation. If you’re hoping for some clarity on what you may be doing wrong, check out our list below of reasons explaining why your trade show exhibit isn’t getting you the results you were expecting and how you can turn those results around.

Your booth may seem cluttered.

We hate to burst your bubble, but if trade show attendees look at your exhibit and see an enclosed space that they won’t be able to navigate, then your display might be too cluttered. You may be trying to show off all of your amazing products and be as informational as possible, but this isn’t a good marketing tactic for a trade show. Stick to the basics of what you’re promoting, and if you do need to pull out additional products, have them on standby in your booth storage.

Your exhibit should be nearly effortless to navigate and move around in. Using guides to move people through the booth can be helpful in keeping things flowing rather than accumulating a stagnant mess that makes it impossible for prospects and your sales team to achieve anything. 

Try keeping your booth as open to the aisles as possible by putting stands and tables near the back or corners. Keeping the space open makes for a more welcoming feel and allows for better engagement with your booth staff. Remember to minimize barriers! An open floor plan is a great thing to shoot for when designing your booth layout. Another important thing to take into consideration when designing your exhibit is how many people you are expecting based on your past booth attendance rates and past show attendance rates. This will give you a good idea of how much space will be available throughout the day.

It’s possible that you may need a larger size booth as well (see below)! Remember that as you attend trade shows, your business should be growing, and your exhibit should grow with it! Here are more in-depth tips on keeping your booth display functional and easy to navigate. 


Your booth may not be engaging and memorable.

A booth that no one really remembers is simply a waste of time on the attendee’s part and a waste of money on yours. Don’t be the booth that no one seems to remember! Stand out by making your exhibit a unique expression of your audience’s identity. Create a genuine message that you stand by and that resonates with them.

Try to provide a unique benefit that attendees can receive by visiting your booth. This could comprise of a great experience, an intriguing giveaway, an unexpected surprise, or all three!

Offering a memorable experience could include a photo booth, a competition, plenty of samples, a virtual reality experience and the list goes on.

To create a captivating giveaway, you could always splurge on a grand-prize that anyone would be elated to win and will be a no-brainer for them to provide their information to be entered.

If people are not expecting a great freebie after enjoying your booth, their pleasantly surprised attitude will keep you in their mind and help your brand stand out!

One last key aspect we’ll mention in making yourself memorable is your exhibit design. It’s easy to blend in with your booth neighbors when you go with a simple cookie-cutter design. Take things up a notch from your competitors and create an immersive experience for guests.

If you’re tired of your average exhibit display poorly representing your company at trade shows, reach out to us today for a custom design exhibit that lets your brand shine through.


Your booth size may not match up with your goals.

If you’re aiming to make your booth very interactive and accommodate many guests at a time, you may need a larger booth size than what you currently have. More square footage and height is also going to attract a larger crowd and be noticed far more.

To make a big impact with large graphics, presentation seating areas and/or product displays in a spacious area, a custom island exhibit could be a great investment for your company. The nice thing about custom exhibits is the option for reconfigurability. If you have other needs for pieces of your display, you can scale it down to a smaller size if needed. Depending on your changing environments, a custom exhibit can be your all in one booth display, which could save you money in the long run!

If you’re constricted to a smaller booth size because of budget, adding storage within your booth that doubles as a design opportunity is a great way to save space. And if you’re unable to create a large space for interaction but are still hoping to generate involvement in your exhibit, you can still create a memorable and engaging experience. Games or product demonstrations that don’t take up much space can still help you have a successful event and meet your goals.

If you’re on the fence about upgrading your booth in size, here are more helpful tips to consider.


You didn’t put enough effort into assembling an effective booth staff. 

Many exhibitors pile money, time and thought into their booth display and the functionality of it. However, many of these exhibitors also tend to pay little attention to who they’re putting in their booth to embody their brand.

If you don’t give your booth staff a sufficient amount of quality training and preparation tips, they won’t have the skills or know what’s expected of them to make your exhibiting experience successful. It’s possible that you could do all of the right training, however, but still end up with poor results. Why? Because not just anyone can staff a booth.

It takes more than knowledge of a product or company to be a successful booth staffer. Your booth staff should be engaging, able to create relationships, outgoing, timely, well-rounded and the list goes on. If your trade show staff has the right qualities, you’ll be in a much better position to find success in your trade show marketing objectives.


If any of these explanations helped you realize some changes that need to be made to your trade show marketing, reach out to us to begin building a high-quality booth that stands the test of time and start generating a higher ROI at your trade shows.


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