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Don’t Let the End of the Trade Show Be the End of the Conversation

November 01, 2019

When your company’s trade show comes to an end, the marketing grind should still continue. The period of time following an event is a prime time for keeping your company’s name in your prospects’ minds, helping your trade show investments go further.

Here are 4 reasons your company should keep the conversation going after a trade show

Relationship building:

Once you use your trade show booth as an opportunity to build relationships through in-person marketing, whether it’s with longstanding clients that you’ve done business with in the past or a prospect who discovers you at the show, it takes a continued effort to keep these relationships growing. Established connections can only help to create more opportunities for your company in the future!


They may not have a need for you right at the time of the show, but down the road, they might! If you are able to serve your audience with useful insight and show them that you’re a leader in your industry, you’ll gain their trust and they’ll know who to come to down the road when they do need your services or products.


After a show is a great time to receive feedback because your company is fresh in the minds of your booth visitors. Honest feedback from those who have taken an interest in your company is high-quality feedback that you should be paying attention to!


One of the most crucial times to turn a lead into a sale is right after a trade show. The majority of key decision-makers who attend trade shows are seeking new and better options for their company. They’re looking to make buying decisions based on what they experienced, so be the company that shines the brightest in their mind by reminding them after the show why you’re their best option.

Do you see the importance of establishing connections and continuing the conversation after you exhibit at a trade show? Great! Now, here are 4 different ways for your company to keep the conversation going after your next event: 

Social Media

Hopefully, you stay on top of keeping your social media updated before and throughout your trade shows. These social media efforts should not end once the show is over! You can share photos of your booth guests enjoying the experience your exhibit provided. You could also compile a video of the progression of the show to recap your presence there. You can even ask your followers to share photos they took in your booth for a chance to win a prize.

If your sales team or other teammates were on the show floor, encourage them to connect with prospects on social media. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more. It’s important to build these connections to keep the relationship going.

Send follow up emails quickly

Many of your prospects enter countless booths at each trade show. As much as you’d like to believe that yours was the one that stood out the most in their minds, this may not be the case. However, if the company that did stand out most in their minds doesn’t send them a follow-up email, you could essentially take the cake (aka their business)! Sending a friendly follow up reiterating how you can be a great option for a prospect will put you in the front of their minds when they are in the decision-making process.

To be sure that you’re able to get an email out promptly, create an email template before the show that you can send to each different level of leads. Note that this requires your booth staff to qualify leads at the show, noting them as low, medium or high-level qualified leads. This gives you insight on where they’re at in the buying cycle and can help you craft the content of your email. Don’t just send one email and call it good, stay consistent without being too pushy.


Send your after-show survey out in a timely manner so responses are as accurate as possible. With surveys, you are keeping the conversation going by asking your current and potential clients how you can improve for them. Consider the negative comments you receive as well to make sure that your audience feels like they are heard. If you feel like a reported negative experience was a fluke, follow up with that person specifically to make amends, and by doing this you can regrow and strengthen that relationship.

Send a card in the mail

Cards that land on a key decision-maker’s desk can go a long way! Especially if other businesses that exhibited at the show don’t take this extra step to stand out in the minds of their prospects. Another way to reach them through mail is by sending a coupon. Be sure that any type of copy sent gives a call to action.


Following up with clients and leads after a show is essential to keeping your business relationships growing strong. And it doesn’t just take throwing them onto your monthly newsletter list and calling it good. Leads need to be nurtured! To make sure that your business reaps the benefits of your trade show efforts, stay involved in the minds of those you are hoping to sell to. If you’re ready to start planning for your next trade show and need some peace of mind that your efforts are going to be effective, reach out to our experts today!

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