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3 Game-Changers That Every Fashion Exhibitor Should Know

November 19, 2019

Fashion trade shows offer brands the chance to reach an array of buyers. Although social media is an evolving way for designers to build brand awareness, trade shows provide the opportunity for face-to-face interactions with press, bloggers and new stylists. A strong social presence paired with a solid exhibit experience will help your fashion brand seal the deal with new business partners. Here are three big game-changers that you should be aware of if you’re an exhibitor in the fashion industry:

Poor lighting can hurt your exhibiting efforts.

To show off all of the intricate designs and textures of the products in your exhibit, it needs to be very well lit. If you plan on having a large booth presence, structures may begin blocking the natural light and ceiling lighting. If you are going with a smaller booth, it’s not always a safe bet to rely on the ceiling lights to successfully show off all of your items on display.  

The uncertainty of trade show lighting is a huge reason for exhibitors in the fashion industry to come prepared. With added lighting, exhibitors can ensure that their booth will be bright and inviting to attendees.

If you’re really going for a bright presence, TriaSol® LED Lighting is the brightest arm light in the trade show market. The light is almost three times brighter than competing arm lights. What’s even better is that the added brightness is known for covering much more surface area, requiring fewer total fixtures. The ability to minimize lighting fixtures is a great way to keep your booth looking clean. It also means much less clutter from cords and a shorter setup time. 

The TriaSol® is not only sleek and powerful, it’s also durable, energy-efficient, and has a low heat output. As a fashion exhibitor, it’s not uncommon to exhibit worldwide. This light fixture is auto-ranging, meaning that it can be used anywhere in the world with an addition of the correct IEC country cord. You can also have peace of mind that you’ll be complying with show regulations as TriaSol® LED Lighting is approved for all show halls.

Don’t make the mistake of having an exhibit that’s too shadowed and dark for trade show attendees to appreciate the intricacy and flawlessness in your fashion designs.

Only exhibit once or twice a year? These lights are also available for rent!


Your exhibit should be consistent with your brand identity to let buyers easily recognize and remember you. 

If your exhibit design and layout changes from show to show, it’s hurting your chances of creating brand recognition. The more times your fashion brand crosses the eyes of a buyer, the fonder they are going to grow of it. For fashion exhibitors who purchase their booth display, consistency shouldn’t be an issue. However, if you rent a couple of times a year, be sure that you are being consistent with your display look. If you’re stuck between renting and buying an exhibit, here’s a couple of tips on weighing your options.

Not only should your exhibit offer a consistent feel across events, it should also embody your brand in the design. Some companies opt for a very generic looking rental booth, but what they may not know is that there are custom rental options that can fit the needs of their brand look!

Modular Inline Displays are the perfect rental option for fashion exhibitors seeking a lightweight, easily transportable system that still provides plenty of room for products. The great part is that these customizable exhibit displays are rentable in any form imaginable. For the fashion exhibit renter requiring a specific design and structure that shows off their image without having to invest in a massive island exhibit – this is for you!

For exhibitors who need a larger booth that covers all of their branding needs, Custom Island Exhibits are the way to go. Island exhibits are very useful for fashion exhibitors with an abundance of products to show off. 

Custom Islands are another option for keeping your branding consistent. The buyers who already know you online, have an image of your brand in their minds. If you keep that branding consistent on the show floor, they’ll see your booth and know exactly who you are. On the other hand, if you make it hard to correlate your online branding presence and your exhibiting presence, attendees may be confused and could even think you’re a completely different company than the one that they’re familiar with online. To prevent this from happening, keep your booth on brand and stand out from the crowd with displays that can capture nearly any angle or shape.


It takes some research to find the shows that are going to give you the best ROI.

While it seems like there are fashion industry trade shows left and right these days, it’s best to step back and analyze your options. It may seem the most obvious to you that you’d go to the largest show in the country. It may also seem apparent that you’d attend as many local shows as possible. However, that might not really be your best option. In fact, it could be far from your best option.

Exhibiting at trade shows simply because they are widely known doesn’t mean that they’re the trade show that’s going to get you the greatest exposure. A popular trade show could get plenty of eyes on your fashion label, but that doesn’t mean they’re the right eyes. The same goes for trade shows that are close in proximity. Just because you’ll save some money by exhibiting local, still doesn’t mean that you’re putting your money in all the right places.

Do some research to find shows within your niche so that your investment can be extremely effective at a couple shows versus being only slightly effective at an abundance of shows. If you’re able to cut down on show expenses by exhibiting less, you’ll be able to craft a higher quality exhibit experience and really impress your potential buyers. 

There are lots of things to take into consideration when finding shows that are going to give you the greatest return. Here’s a list of things that an exhibitor should take into consideration when deciding on their next year’s shows.


If you need new, powerful lighting fixtures that can brighten up your product displays, a new exhibit design that’s a better fit for your brand, or more insight on what shows are the best option for your fashion label, Skyline Greater LA is happy to help!

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