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Could Your Business Benefit from Exhibiting at One of These Q3 LA Trade Shows?

March 04, 2020

Below is a list of trade shows and expos that are climbing in popularity in the Los Angeles area. As more and more attendees are finding these trade shows and making big buying decisions at them, it’s important that you are aware of the impact this can have on your business if you fail to attend. Are you overlooking the benefits of trade show marketing and letting your competition take an automatic win because you’re nowhere in sight to let attendees know that you may have an even better solution for them? 

Skyline Greater LA would be happy to help you succeed in quarter three, whether it’s your first whack at a trade show or your experienced company is looking to up their exhibit game. 


ANIME EXPO AX | July 2-5 | Los Angeles, CA

This 2020 show is one of the biggest celebrations of Japanese pop culture. If you need an exhibit that excites this upbeat crowd, over 10,000 fans to be exact, then Skyline Greater LA has the resources and displays that you need! Exhibitors at the ANIME EXPO can launch new products, showcase upcoming releases, and get their brand into the eyes of more people. If this is your industry and these are your goals, this will be the perfect expo for you and your business! 

America’s Credit Union Conference - CUNA | July 19-22 | Los Angeles, CA 

Credit Union National Association and World Council of Credit Unions are giving you this premier event, World Moving: A Joint Credit Union Conference, that will present you with many opportunities! Attendees are coming to explore your cutting-edge strategies that keep the global credit union movement innovative. As an exhibitor, you’ll be able to strengthen your bond with client attendees, create new connections, learn from other credit union leaders and generate awareness of your brand to an international audience. Speak to over 1,600 credit union board members, CEOs and managers from over 60 different countries and grow your brand! 



Accounting & Finance Show LA | July 29-30 | Los Angeles, CA

Reach over 3,000 accountants, bookkeepers, CFOs and business owners at this California show. If your business specializes in accounting platforms and systems, bill pay, payroll and HR systems, tax management or pension and benefits management, this will be one of the best business development and marketing opportunities in 2020. If your products offer top-notch solutions that you know attendees will want to hear about, come prepared with a well-branded exhibit that stops attendees in their tracks. 


Small Business Expo | September 16 | Los Angeles, CA

If you have solutions for small business owners to increase revenue and grow their business, then you have a great opportunity to win their attention at the Small Business Expo in California! Attendees here are seeking inspiration to build their business, so come prepared to make an impression on them and prove that your products and services have what it takes to make an impact for them. Meeting face-to-face with key decision makers will be a smart marketing opportunity on your end to generate leads and make sales. Each show averages 3,000 business owner attendees, 51% of whom plan to purchase within one year. Make these attendees aware of your products and services and generate success for your own business! 



B2B Marketing Expo | September 16-17 | Los Angeles, CA

For businesses who supply products, services and solutions for the marketing sector, the B2B Marketing Expo might be the only trade show you need to grow your business. You’ll have access to over 10,000 marketing directors and executive decision makers. The opportunity to sell to these highly qualified buyers face-to-face is an opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else! Pull in attendees walking the exhibit floor with an amazing booth that shows off your technology and strategies to help buyers transform their marketing efforts. Not only will you be able to find new leads and make sales, you also get to showcase your brand, growing awareness of your name and building relationships that have potential to spark something down the road. 


Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition | September 16-17 | Los Angeles, CA

For those in the cannabis industry seeking exposure to grow their brand, this could be a great opportunity! Also hosting shows in New York City and Boston, the Cannabis World Congress Business Expo events are the leading forums for entrepreneurs aiming to grow their brand and increase their success. Take this opportunity to create a welcoming environment in your exhibit and grow relationships with clients and patients, as well as spark new connections that will drive your business. 



TechDay Los Angeles | September 24 | Los Angeles, CA

Whether your business is a small startup or a big brand name, TechDay has the access and the resources you need to find success. Attendees are seeking the next big thing in tech, looking to explore their options in the exhibit hall at TechDay. If you’re aiming to reach investors, members of the press, users, developers, job seekers, or corporate buyers, you’ll have access to all of these people and more. Show off your brand and your capabilities by giving attendees an exclusive look at your innovative products. A well-rounded booth will help you gain investment, hire top talent, gain attention, implement partnerships and win over users. If you need a booth that tells your audience that you’re the perfect match for them, Skyline Greater LA has an experienced team to help you get the ball rolling. 


Do any of these trade shows look right up your alley? Reach out to Skyline Greater LA to start planning for an amazing exhibit experience for your attendees and a successful trade show experience for you and your business! 

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