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Does Your Booth Staff Cover All 7 Traits Needed for Trade Show Success?

September 23, 2019

A good trade show staff is a necessity for a successful exhibiting experience. To make sure that your brand and your booth are in good hands at your next trade show, take a peek at our list of must-have traits for your trade show staff.


When determining who will be a part of your booth staff, consider those who are passionate about helping your company scale. If you have employees in your booth who are new to their role and on the fence about their long-term goals with your company, they may not be as motivated on the show floor. You want staffers who are go-getters in your company and come prepared to succeed. A motivated team member will make all the difference in your trade show marketing success.



If someone in your booth staff comes across as overbearing or intimidating, attendees may shy away. It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable of your products or how great of a salesperson someone is; if they don’t have an amicable demeanor, they may lose out on potential conversations that could turn into leads and sales. Make sure that your staff is capable of greeting people warmly and doesn’t take to pressuring your booth guests. You want your staff to represent your brand, so a welcoming and easygoing staff member will make much larger waves than someone who is pushy or aggressive.



Exhibitors put ‘a knowledgeable staff and educational information’ at the top of their list for the most effective forms of promotion during a trade show. You could have great giveaway items and lots of engagement initiatives, but if your staff lacks knowledge of your product or service and business, you could lose out on potential leads. Your booth guests should feel very confident in the information they receive from your booth staff, since 92% of trade show guests attend trade shows to learn about new products. A product expert is a great person to have on hand for those detailed, hard-to-answer questions.


If your booth staff is able to be persuasive without being pushy, it may give you a one-up on your competition. Delegating those from your sales team to be a part of your booth staff will help you close the deals because they know how to make a sale! Many exhibitors assume that people want to see those in senior management running a booth, however, statistics say otherwise. Almost 60% of trade show marketers claimed that salespeople were their most effective staffers in comparison to senior management. It’s not a bad thing to include executives on your exhibit team, just be sure they’re backed up by part of your sales team!



Don’t delegate someone to staff your booth if they’re unable to do it effectively. If someone is unequipped to work a smartphone or tablet or run your social media during the show, they may still be an effective staffer, just be sure to delegate someone else these techy roles. You’ll need someone who can work all technology in the booth and be active on social media during your trade show or event.


A good listener

A booth staffer who is a good listener is very valuable to your organization. If any of your booth guests are returning clients with feedback, it’s important for them to know that they are heard. Be sure to secure a booth staff comprised of attentive listeners so that you can improve your services and marketing efforts in the future. Here are some tips on becoming a better listener and how listening affects your trade show success.


If someone is able to put on a good smile, it doesn’t mean they’re going to be your best booth staffer. Not only should your booth staff give off a friendly smile, they should also mean it. Guests will be able to tell if someone on your trade show team is forcing their friendliness and will be less likely to trust them. Trust is key in the exhibiting world as face-to-face marketing is one of the biggest opportunities to create trust. With trust, lasting relationships can be built with current and future clients. Making a genuine, personal connection will allow trade show attendees to remember your company because of the positive interaction they experienced.  

Finding a team with these many traits can take time, but it will definitely be worth it! A large piece in finding success at a trade show requires the right staff. Reach out to us today for more guidance before your next trade show!  

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