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How Do You Know When It’s Time for A New Trade Show Exhibit?

August 13, 2019

If you’ve owned your trade show exhibit for a couple years now, you may have fallen into a routine from show to show that’s got you stuck on a plateau. At first, an exhibit may fit your company’s needs perfectly, however, if it’s too outdated, you could be cutting yourself short at your trade shows. Owning an exhibit for too long can lead to problems, which is why it’s important to know how to tell when it’s time to upgrade to a new one!

Your exhibit feels crammed at shows

So, your company grew… but your exhibit didn’t. At one point in time, your exhibit may have been the perfect size to accommodate your expected booth traffic. If it’s been a while since you upgraded, you may have outgrown your original booth size, which is great! Growing out of your booth probably means there’s more of a demand from prospects that want to hear about how you can help them.

With more people to accommodate, also comes the need for more booth staffers. Be sure that you’re not simply adding people to your trade show team just because you need the bandwidth. Make sure that they’re the right person for the job and will excel your brand. Face-to-face marketing is a huge opportunity to make great impressions, so an unequipped trade show staffer has the potential to hurt your brand’s image.

With additional guests to make room for, you’ll also need more floor space. When you’re deciding what the best booth space is to fit your expanding needs, working with a reputable exhibit company can help you understand a layout that fulfills everything you’re looking for.

With an exhibit that’s too small, you could essentially be hurting your business more than helping it. Limited space means limited room for prospects, and if prospects feel like there’s not enough room, they may get frustrated and find a booth that’s more comfortable. Investing in a bigger booth can help you increase your impact at shows and grow your trade show ROI, so it’s important to know when your exhibit needs a size increase!


Your exhibit seems boring

If you feel like your exhibit is boring, trade show attendees most definitely will too. Your booth staff should feel excited about each upcoming trade show, the experience you have to offer guests and to show off your brand in an amusing way. Dull graphics and a weak marketing approach will only hurt your chances of excelling at your trade show.

Trade shows are difficult enough to stand out in a sea of exhibits - don’t settle on your old graphics that look outdated and aren’t doing a great job of highlighting your brand’s strengths. A well-thought-out, cohesive booth that offers interactive aspects will be a great place to start.

If your exhibit lacks excitement, a booth update could easily grow your booth attendance at your trade shows. Consider including kiosks, room for contests, space for attendees to get involved with your product to experience it first-hand and just get people excited to enter your exhibit! Creating high-quality interactions with booth guests is a great way to improve your brand's awareness. Click here for more ideas on creating an interactive trade show exhibit. 


Your exhibit doesn’t flow with your current marketing goals

Changes in your growing business likely means constantly changing goals, changes in messaging and changes in your overall marketing plan. To keep up with these regular changes, you must also keep up with your booth graphics and messaging. Skyline Greater LA gives you the flexibility to change your messaging from show to show with bright and captivating graphics for your exhibit.

Skyline PictureGlow™ Display System can accommodate graphics on both sides of a standalone lightbox unit. This allows you to have two separate messages on one frame, saving you from having to purchase two separate exhibit displays!

You could also incorporate Skyline’s PictureCube System as a way to build on additional messaging to your exhibit. This display component offers towers and ceiling-hung units to give you further opportunities for messaging. Not only is this option a great way to expand messaging for any exhibit, it can also add a pop of brightness with our backlit option!

Be sure that your current booth is cohesive with your current marketing goals, so your message is clear for your prospects and there is no confusion! It’s sometimes difficult enough to make a message stick in your audience’s mind, so be sure to make things as simple as possible for them to grasp your messaging.


If you fall into all of these aspects, it’s likely that you will definitely benefit from a new trade show booth! Reach out to us today for more information on how we can update your exhibiting presence and come out of your trade shows with even greater success.

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