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How to Find Success When Exhibiting in The Travel Industry

October 9, 2019

Most of us realize that traveling is all about the experience. It’s not something we can take home with us and use, it’s not something that we can re-purchase over and over, we can’t put it in our living room, and we don’t depend on it to make a specific task easier for us. Once a trip is over, it can really only be analyzed by how we felt while we were on the trip and how smoothly everything went; all in all, it’s an experience.

If you’re in the travel industry and you exhibit at trade shows, you should be replicating this idea of ‘creating an experience’ in your booth. Why? Because experiences evoke feelings and emotions, and emotions are a core reason why people make purchasing decisions. Whether you’re an airline alliance, a hotel chain, a family park, a hotel interior designer, a private aviation company, a luxury resort, or an exciting travel destination, your exhibit should create the same sense of experience that guests will have when they experience your brand firsthand.

Here is our biggest tip for how you can make your exhibit an experience in itself to generate more emotion and increase your sales: 

Heavily customize your exhibit

A space that resembles a constricted box will not create the same sense of experience that your customers will get when they’re experiencing your actual brand outside of the trade show, so why create your exhibit this way? Customizing your exhibit to give prospects an idea of what they can expect to experience if they choose to go with your company will be extremely impactful. Integrating beams, angled walls, curved corners, LED lights, and graphics that nearly look real will give your booth an impressive presence, all while encapsulating the feeling that you’re hoping to evoke. 

If your brand is unique and you want to express that on the trade show floor, beams can tie your exhibit together while creating dimensions that no other booth on the show floor will have. It also creates more of an ‘environment’ which ties into creating an experience in your booth.

The SkyRise® Exhibit System provides you with the option of implementing striking beams that span 16 feet or 40 feet long, all without the need for rigging. This seamless look will stop guests in their tracks. Beams can also create a large presence while keeping material costs down.

Angled Walls and Curved Corners

Using wall structures that go beyond your typical 90-degree angles will help create more dimension in your booth. Creating dimension and showing different curves and angles will help you produce the attendee experience you’re hoping to create.

This exhibit used cylindrical structures to mimic the look and feel of a waterslide. LED projectors simulated water flowing through the tube by beaming a water pattern overhead.   

The Skyline Curved PictureScape® Exhibit System helps brands create an exhibit that fits any brand.

Another great example of using angles and curves can be seen with an exhibit that mimicked the look and feel of a premium airport lounge. The new and inviting booth brought in a record number of attendees for the company, and even brought people back multiple times – this just goes to show the importance of creating an experience in your booth!



LED Lights
Using specific colored LED lights can emote a certain tone in your booth. If you’re a luxury company that focuses on relaxation or a family-focused brand that hopes to ignite excitement, you can determine what lighting colors can best express that. LED lights can also highlight specific products and even express movement, as shown in the waterslide booth mentioned earlier. LED lighting was used in this exhibit to draw attention and make the helmets look as if they were floating out from the wall.

Backlit graphics
Backlit graphics are another effective way to create an experience in your trade show booth. Below, the American Leather exhibit does a good job of creating the feeling of a home. The backlit PictureCube System seemingly mimics a headboard of a bed and the bright graphics are hard to miss on the trade show floor.

As you can see, customizing your exhibit to portray the type of experience your business promises to its customers is important. As a business in the travel industry, it’s helpful for your trade show guests to get a taste of who you are and what you can do for them. Attendees are seeking brands that are welcoming – when you are able to create a welcoming, immersive atmosphere in your booth, you create a memorable experience for your trade show guests that will leave them with no choice but to remember exactly who you are!

Reach out to us today so we can start helping you find the right display type to fit your brand's needs and create an experience that your booth guests will love.

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