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Navigate Your Cancelled Trade Shows with Skyline Greater LA

March 18, 2020

We recently posted a brief post about navigating trade shows during COVID-19, so here are additional details to help you moving forward as you unravel the trade shows you have planned, consolidate your assets and manage your costs.

  • Options for last-minute needs in exhibit shipping and storage
    • Skyline Greater LA can help you reroute your assets from the show warehouse or the venue, and work with the decorator to ship these assets back to Skyline, your location, or the nearest Skyline Service Center for storage until your next trade show.
  • Understanding show cancellation policies in the fine print
    • Depending on whether your trade show has been cancelled or postponed, this makes a difference as to the refunds due back. Document what you learn from the fine print, so you easily know what to expect back from each show.
  • What refunds you may have rights to from show organizers
    • Contact the show organizer requesting your refund, then document any response you receive to help manage these requests going forward.
  • How to continue moving forward with your exhibit plans in the safest way possible at trade shows that have not been canceled or postponed
    • We are all working day-by-day trying to understand how long the situation will last. Be sure to sign up for show updates so you are first to learn new dates or plans for your trade shows moving forward.
  • Successful alternatives for sharing your brand messaging with prospects who are now unable to attend your trade show
    • Create a show landing page on your website (microsite) that highlights what they would have seen in your space, and what they will see at the next trade show. Implement an email blast to your database sharing this info and use a video (if possible) for a stronger click through rate. Link the email blast back to your microsite.  Promote this microsite on email signatures, email newsletters, your blog or vlog, and social media posts. Use video conferencing to demo your product or service, create DIY Infographics, develop a customer referral program, and give back to your community. And make sure to share.

If you need any assistance with any of the above situations, feel free to reach out to Skyline Greater LA, as we are here to help you!

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