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3 Smart Investments In Trade Show Banner Displays

July 27, 2016

3 Smart Investments In Your Trade Show Banner Displays

Skyline's trade show banner displays offer exhibitors like you an endless number of opportunities to expand your reach, increase social media exposure, and get your message out to your prospects. They can be used to create a modular, portable backwall for your trade show booth, to grab people's attention on the aisle or in a remote hallway at a trade show; you can use them in your lobby or conference room when they're not in use at a show, or, if you have a storefront, you can use them in your window displays. Create social media events like Instagram treasure hunts with them, or use them to promote social media sharing in conjunction with a give-away. However your company uses trade show banner displays in its marketing efforts, there are three key things you can do to ensure a strong return on your investment:
  • Get Professional Design - Everyone has a copy of a graphic design or photo-editing app on their computers these days. It's easy to think that you might be able to save some money by sticking with a simple design and doing the work yourselves. Unless your team includes professional designers, though, this is likely to prove a false economy. The more print quality and materials improve, the more critical it becomes to have perfectly crisp, clean design output, in text, graphics, and in photos. The other, more obvious reason is that your banner stand will be on display alongside banners that are professionally designed, and it needs to be excellent in every aspect, from the appearance to the message and visual branding, in order to stand out.
  • Spring For The UV Protection - You never know where you may want to use your banner stands in the future, but you'll protect your investment and leave more placement options open if you get the best UV protection available. In some cases, this will mean choose banners that are rated for outdoor use, and those will already include UV-resistant ink and coating, or UV-resistant fabric.
  • Plan Ahead With Double-Sided Printing - Banners are easily changed, so if you make a plan before you order your next banners, you can save significantly by having them printed on both sides. Options include having this campaign's graphics on one side, and the next campaign's graphics on the back, or having a graphic you'll be using for a season on one side and an evergreen banner graphic with your visual branding on the other side. In either case, having one two-sided banner printed costs less than having two one-sided banners done.

Get The Best Value From Your Skyline Trade Show Banner Displays

Skyline has all the creative options and professional design support and advice you need to get the most out of your investment in trade show banner stands. With some forethought and creativity, your company will reap serious rewards from using a well-designed set of top-quality banner stands from Skyline.

Trade Show Banner Displays
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