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4 Reasons Why You'll Want To Use Table Top Displays In Connecticut

March 30, 2015

Are you overwhelmed with the variety of trade show exhibits and stands available for your corporate live marketing needs? It's a common occurrence. At Skyline Connecticut, we often partner with clients who have a difficult time making their final selection from our extensive range of compelling, award-winning designs. If you're ready to make your initial foray into the live marketing circuit, you may want to consider keeping your exhibit selection simple. Table top displays are a popular choice for our partners looking for an effective, yet seamless, exhibit presence.
Table Top Displays In Connecticut Offer Unparalleled Versatility And Convenience
Why should you consider using table top displays as part of your live marketing initiative in Connecticut? Tapping into the many features and benefits offered by this type of exhibit offers you and your staff:
Convenience: First and foremost, table top displays in Connecticut deliver unparalleled user convenience. Their lightweight (yet premium) materials means that they can actually be transported by hand from venue to venue. You'll never have to worry about your exhibits not arriving at an event.
Versatility: Additionally, using table top displays at Connecticut events ensures that you and your team will enjoy optimal versatility. You can strategize during the event itself to determine the best placement of your exhibits to entice crowd visits. Best of all, these portable displays are so versatile that many savvy entrepreneurs utilize them beyond the showroom floor. Lobbies, job fairs and college campuses are just some of the many ways to leverage the benefits offered by this type of exhibit.
Lower costs: Lower price is a major perk of using portable exhibits. No matter what the size of your budget, you will be able to find a table top stand that not only meets your financial needs, but also effectively helps you achieve your marketing objectives.
Easy accessorizing: Are you worried that your portable displays won't deliver enough visual punch? These smaller designs can easily be accessorized to broaden their esthetic impact. Including customized banner stands, flats screen televisions, and even fun traffic building booths (think money machine or golf simulator) can quickly help extend the footprint of your overall display.
What To Know When Designing Your Table Top Displays In Connecticut
Do these portable designs make sense for your business needs? Then you're ready to begin the design process. When you partner with the creative team at Skyline Connecticut, we help you and your team focus on a few critical points for optimal design success.
The first thing we'll suggest in the design process is to keep the graphics on your exhibit simple. An effective approach is to take one main graphic and use that as the focal point of the exhibit. Additionally, you will want to keep your text streamlined as well. Choose a few simple, yet expressive, bullets in a non-artsy font and post them throughout the exhibit. This can be visually appealing, while making a major crowd impact.
Here’s one more key design feature to consider: be sure to include technology as much as possible in your display concept. Including your social media pages, website address and QR codes is a great way to make your exhibits look innovative and cutting edge.
For more ideas on using table top display in Connecticut, contact Skyline Connecticut today!

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