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4 Reasons You Should Use Table Top Displays at Your Connecticut Trade Shows

February 16, 2018

4 Reasons You Should Use Table Top Displays at Your Connecticut Trade Shows

Choosing the best setup for your company at your next trade show event is crucial. Your display could very well determine the success of your experience and you want your brand represented in a respectable manner. The crowds of people passing by your display will be looking at a variety of things in your display and these moments are what determine if they will visit your booth or keep walking to the next one. So, you may be asking yourself “What display should I choose?”

There is an abundance of thought that has to go into this question and if you are an avid trade show exhibitor, you may already know the answer. You want a convenient, cost-effective, and most important, your display has to captivate the audience. Of course, wanting to capture the audience’s attention is a given. So ,you want something simple, yet effective and of all the Skyline displays to choose from, their table top displays may be the perfect option for you and your company.

Why Should You Choose a Table Top Display?

1. Creative, Customizable, and Functional

The most important objective at any trade show is to spark interest in your products and services, and to grab the attention of the people attending the trade show. You can accomplish this with a unique table top display that has your brand’s logo displayed so everyone can see it. Skyline table top displays also offer the ability to take add ons and customize with added lighting and table throws.

2. Great for Your Budget

Larger displays are always going to come off as more impressive, but when you have a well-crafted table top display, you’re going to get noticed too. The difference between a large exhibit or a modular exhibit and a table top display is the money you will save. Table top displays are relatively inexpensive when compared to these other exhibits and displays.

3. Display Your Products

Having banners and other graphic displays are great ways to highlight your logo and your company name. It’s how you let your booth visitors know what your company is about aside from discussing your products with them. With a table top display, you can still get your brand name out there with the best place possible to showcase your products and that is on the table right in front of your table top display.

4. Ease and Convenience

Table top displays are lightweight and they are able to fold up into a smaller and easier to transport units. In most instances, these displays can fit in your truck, which will save you on transportation costs, another plus. It gets even better. When you arrive, you don’t need a team to help you set up you display, you can do it yourself in minutes. This gives you more time to network with fellow exhibitors and reach out to potential customers. When the show is over, you just fold up your display and pack it away.

Skyline Table Top Displays for Your Next Connecticut Trade Show

To learn more about Skyline’s innovative table top displays available in Connecticut, give them a call today at 860-635-2400. You can also get in touch via email at info@skyline-ct.com.

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