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5 Reasons To Include Banner Stands In Hartford

February 16, 2016

Five Reasons To Include Banner Stands in Hartford Trade Show Displays

Banner stands are showing up in more and more places and for good reason. They are a versatile, economical and effective way to promote your brand to potential customers. If you are asking yourself whether or not Skyline banner stands are the right choice for you, here are five things to think about.
They Are Easy To Set Up
As pop up displays improve, they are pretty easy to set up. You can usually set one up in ten to fifteen minutes, especially if you have a little help. Creating that same ten-foot back wall with three banner stands is even faster and no extra hands are needed. Simply line three of the three-foot banners and in about five minutes you have a back wall of high quality graphics for your booth. Deploying the stand is as easy as pulling a window shade, just in reverse. No need to show up extra early to wrestle with a complicated display. As a bonus, banner stands tear down just as quickly, allowing you to pack up and get off your feet faster.
They Are Super Portable
If you have ever had to struggle with a large trade show display, you will appreciate the ease of banner stands. Usually the carry case can be slung over your shoulder, leaving your hands free to carry your giveaways, pamphlets or other booth items. Fewer trips to the car is always a plus. They are a manageable size too, meaning that you will not have to rent a larger car just to accommodate your back wall media. The lightweight and all-in-one nature of the banner stand makes them ideal for attending shows on short notice.
They Are Versatile
Sure, you can use banner stands to create a back wall, but they can do much more than that. Customized graphics can be used to convert the stand into a table top display that is only pulled up partially. Easy to change graphics allow them to be used at job fairs or company off site meetings. They can be used to direct participants to breakout sessions at seminars or to answer frequently asked questions. They can even be used to draw attention to a new product on the showroom floor or quickly added to your booth to promote a brand new service.
They Are Economical
“Buyer beware” is the caveat for this point. While there are bargain banner stands available from online sources, they are usually cheaply constructed and quickly become broken or unserviceable. Essentially, they are a one-time use device. The $99 Internet special may lack the ability to quickly and easily change banners when your needs change. That ability to change easily is exactly what makes the banner stand so versatile and economical. Looking beyond the initial purchase price at factors like customer support, use of quality materials and the flexibility to change with your needs are what will separate an economical banner stand from a cheap one.
They Make An Impact
Often space is at a premium on trade show floors. Banner stands help make a big impact while using a minimal amount of space. The high quality graphic may be up to eight feet tall, but the footprint of the stand is small, allowing you to effectively promote your company’s brand while leaving yourself a little room to move around.
If you are looking for high quality banner stands in Hartford or the surrounding area, Skyline can help. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you in effectively promoting your brand. Contact us or come by our showroom to get started.

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