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5 Reasons To Outsource Your Trade Show Exhibit Installation

July 19, 2016

5 Reasons To Outsource Your Trade Show Exhibit Installation

Commonly referred to as I&D, or “installation and dismantle,” this service is offered by many trade show design houses. They'll send a team to set up your exhibit before an event, and tear it down afterward.

If you're exhibiting with small, portable trade show displays, you're unlikely to need the help of a professional installation crew. You and your staffers can easily set up banner stands, pop-ups, and backwall displays on your own. These show assets are known for their ease and convenience.

But if you're planning to exhibit with a custom island exhibit or other large structure, it's a good idea to hire qualified help. You won't be able to make your exhibit show-ready by yourself. Below, we'll cover the top five reasons to use a professional crew. Importantly, for reasons that will soon become clear, the team you hire should specialize in trade show I&D.

#1 - An Experienced I&D Crew Can Perform The Work Quickly

One of the hallmarks of professional trade show installation services is how quickly the I&D team can set up your booth. From your hanging displays to your tables, banner stands, and lighting system, every piece is expertly installed before the start of the event.

If you were to handle the installation effort yourself, you'd need more time. That's time that could otherwise be allocated to better, more productive uses.

#2 - The Cost Is An Investment That Pays Dividends

It's tempting to think of I&D services as a cost. In reality, it's an investment.

First, it frees you and your employees to attend to other show-related matters. For example, your staffers can use the time to practice qualifying booth visitors.

Second, it removes a major source of stress. Installing and dismantling an exhibit is a considerable project. Things can – and often do – go wrong. An experienced I&D team will handle every challenge that surfaces, leaving you to focus on other high-value tasks.

#3 - The Installers Will Know How To Address Problems

One of the main advantages of hiring a professional display booth I&D team is that you won't need to worry about problems with setup. Keep in mind, such problems are inevitable and always frustrating.

An experienced crew will shield you from them; deftly handling challenges to ensure your exhibit is installed properly before the event gets underway. Issues related to lighting, connectivity, flooring, local regulations, missed deliveries, and mislaid equipment (e.g. ladders, drills, etc.) will be addressed quickly and professionally, or avoided altogether.

#4 - No Stress Regarding Safety Concerns

Installing and dismantling a large trade event structure can pose safety issues, even for those with I&D experience. If you plan to handle this task on your own, perhaps with the help of your employees, this is a major concern.

More than a few installers have fallen from ladders, hurt themselves with drills, and received nasty shocks when working with electrical outlets. And that's merely the beginning. Safety is an important issue when it comes to trade show I&D.

A professional crew will know how to set up and tear down your exhibit with minimal exposure to risk. They'll be far less likely to sustain injury than someone with less experience.

#5 - A Pro I&D Experience, From Start To Finish

When you hire an I&D team, you can rest assured your trade show displays will arrive on time, be set up properly, and be taken down after the event ends. The experience begins with shipping your show assets to the venue on deadline. It ends with delivering them to storage.

In other words, installation and dismantle services don't merely include setup and teardown. Your team of installers will ensure a smooth experience, from start to finish. They'll skillfully manage things every step of the way.

Must you hire a professional I&D team for your next event? No. But doing so offers a number of important benefits. You'll find that the price you pay for the services will be one of the smartest investments you make in your trade show success.


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