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5 Reasons You Should Take Advantage Of Trade Show Display Rentals In Connecticut

May 21, 2015

To rent or to buy? That is the question that every exhibitor must answer. Sometimes the answer isn't one or the other. It may be both. The truth is, there are advantages to both buying and renting trade show products. Skyline Connecticut is a trusted trade show dealer that can help you discover which route is best for you. Here are several reasons why you should take advantage of trade show display rentals in Connecticut.
1. The Rental Displays Are High Quality.
Some people may think renting trade show displays means they’re compromising on quality. That isn't the case with Skyline Connecticut's trade show display rental in Connecticut. We offer a wide variety of trade show products to rent, ranging from small, portable displays to large island exhibits. These are high quality trade show products that will represent your company well and do your brand the justice it deserves.
2. The Rental Displays Are Easy To Use.
Another benefit to renting trade show displays from Skyline Connecticut is that the displays are strategically designed to be extremely easy to use. Your team can set up portable rental displays quickly and without the use of any special tools. Modular inline booths may require a couple of tools, but they are still easy to install. Skyline even offers a line of inflatable trade show products that make installation as easy as the press of a button.
3. Renting Allows You Greater Versatility.
One of the primary reasons so many exhibitors are taking advantage of trade show display rentals is Connecticut is because of the versatility it offers. Your company isn't locked into the same exhibit over and over again. You can change it up by using smaller displays at certain events and larger ones at the events that require more of your focus and energy. Not only that, but Skyline Connecticut makes it easy and convenient for you to change the look, design, and messages of your rental exhibit, when desired.
4. Installation Services Are Available For Rental Exhibits.
One thing many exhibitors may not realize is that Skyline Connecticut offers professional installation services for rental exhibits. Professional installation provides priceless peace of mind to your team, allowing you to arrive to the event without having to worry about setting up your exhibit. If you rent small to medium size displays, such as portable displays and modular inline booths, you can save money by setting them up yourself. Island exhibits require professional installation, but you'll appreciate the valuable time that it saves your team at each event.
5. There’s No Storage Or Maintenance.
With trade show display rentals in Connecticut, you don't have to worry about storage and maintenance. In addition to professional installation, Skyline Connecticut provides an array of other valuable exhibit management services, including show service coordination, exhibit maintenance and repair, storage, shipping management, and on-site supervision. These services have the ability to take so much stress off of your shoulders, as you focus on what matters most, building long-lasting relationships with customers.
Contact Skyline Connecticut today for more information about trade show display rentals in Connecticut.

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