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5 Ways to Display Trade Show Graphics Like An Expert

April 17, 2015

When it comes to tradeshow displays in Connecticut, the right graphics are key. These tips can help you to completely own your trade show display.
Graphics Are The First Thing They’ll See
Every detail about your tradeshow display counts, from the tables and chairs, all the way to the lights and banners. Everything has to shine, and that’s doubly true for your graphics. They need to be clean, crisp and they must attract a crowd. Essentially, you need to display your graphics like an expert. Here are 5 tips that can help you improve the graphics of your trade show displays in Connecticut.
1. Hire a Graphic Designer Who Specializes In Trade Shows
Most spend thousands of dollars on a new display only to use lackluster, amateur graphics. It’s kind of like wearing a couture dress with flip-flops. Hire a professional graphic designer who knows how to source quality files, format them, and design your graphics. Plus, a professional will always hit your deadline.
2. Color, Your Ultimate “Frenemy”
Color isn’t your friend or your enemy; it’s your “frenemy”. That’s because it can either make or break your booth. Getting the right color is essential!  Ending up with an avocado shade when you needed mint green could kill the impact of your display. Make sure you use Pantone swatches to match colors with your graphic design professional. And as I mentioned in the previous point, always hire a professional.
3. Image Quality Is Essential
All of your graphics should be high resolution or vector, especially for your logo. It’s critical to have raw, clean artwork for projects. Don’t be afraid to spend a little more to get good quality stock photography. Relatively it’s not that expensive, and it pays in the long run. Attendees will be walking up and possibly touching your graphics.
4. Size Is Everything
Although we never admit it, size does matter for most things; your display graphics are no exception. So when it comes to your graphics, go big or go home. Scale is important here, too. You need to make sure your graphic translates from 2 feet to 20 feet tall. Speak with your professional to make sure that what you want fits the scale, so customers will be able to see and appreciate your vision.
5. All In The Details
Sometimes your physical booth really affects the flow of your graphics. However, you won’t know until you see them together. So please, please, please view your “blueprints” before you print your graphics. Mapping the blueprints out to scale with the exact measurements is critical. You don’t want a fabulous logo and have the monitor cut off half of your graphic. Viewing the rendered graphics helps prevent mistakes. It’s definitely worth the added time and money.
A Good First Impression Means Everything
First impressions are everything. And your graphics are often the first thing a potential client or customer sees. Make sure you make a lasting one by following these important tips. They can mean the difference between success and failure.
Do you want to display your graphics like a pro? Contact Skyline Connecticut for all of your graphic design needs.

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