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All Trade Show Companies Are Not Created Equal

September 19, 2016

All Trade Show Companies Are Not Created Equal

Working with a trade show company can make your life as an exhibitor much easier, if you know how to choose wisely. Overall, you will be best served by a trade show house that carries a large selection of materials, so you can create an exhibit that is unique to your company and represents your brand image. Your trade show company should also offer all the support you need, not only during the honeymoon phase of design and purchase or rental, but throughout the life of the exhibit materials you'll be using.
  • Total Cost - When you're comparing costs, be sure you understand what is and is not included in those costs. If you're considering a purchase, the total cost far exceeds the purchase price. You'll also need to account for freight, drayage, and I&D for each show where you plan to use that exhibit, plus the costs of storage, in and outs, maintenance, and updated graphics. If you're looking at rental, find out exactly what the rental price includes, so you don't get hit with a nasty surprise at a time when you can't afford to walk away.
  • Services And Support - When you work with a full-service trade show house like Skyline, you get access to a huge range of services like graphic design, lighting design, marketing training, professional photography, branding, video production and animation, to name just a few. We also offer full support, including logistics and I&D in 38 countries, so if your company needs to stage an international exhibit; we've got that covered, too. Work with your marketing and sales teams to lay out a long-term plan for your trade show marketing efforts. Use that plan to help anticipate what kinds of services and support your company will need from a trade show house, and make sure the trade show company you choose offers everything you need.
  • Product Quality & Warranty - Pay close attention to the quality of the materials a trade show company is offering you. Are the structural pieces designed for safe and convenient use? Do they look polished and well maintained on the show floor? Are the graphics crisp and clear and printed on durable materials? Are they UV-coated? Trade show exhibit materials tend to get some rough handling over the course of their useful lives. If you're purchasing, ask what materials are warranted, and for how long. If you're renting, you will still be purchasing graphics, so find out whether the graphics are warranted. Skyline's UV-coated graphics are warranted for two years against excessive fading, and against defects for the life of the graphics.

Shopping Trade Show Companies

If your company is shopping trade show companies for the best service, support, and products available world wide, contact Skyline Connecticut for a consultation and a detailed estimate on the products and services your company needs from its next trade show house.

Trade Show Companies
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