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Banner Stands - Uses Outside The Trade Show Booth

August 03, 2017

Four Smart Uses For Banner Stands Outside Of Your Trade Show Booth

Retractable banner stands are a fantastic alternative to lugging a single-panel backwall to trade shows for your booth. They're easy to pack and unpack, lightweight and portable, and they're so simple to set up that a single person can put them up in just a few minutes. Updating the banners is economical and simple, and they come in a variety of configurations ranging from the tried and true rectangle to two-layered configurations that add eye-grabbing dimension. Whether you're using banner stands to promote particular lines or products, or to increase exposure to your core message and brand, banner stands can be very effective in attracting visitors to your trade show booth.

Most Effective Ways To Use Banner Stands Outside Your Booth

  • Pop Them On The Patio – Most trade show and convention centers have patios so people can have a lunch break, catch up on messages, or just escape the chaos for a little while. Nearly all of them also have a designated smoking patio. People will slow down and spend a little time in these places, and there's far less competition for their attention outdoors. Placing banner stands on the patio areas is an easy way to introduce people to your brand and message, so you'll be familiar to them when they see your booth inside.
  • Corner The Coffee Bar – Where there's coffee, there will be people. Lots of people. They'll wait in line and wait for their coffee, so placing your banner stands near the coffee service means that your message will be not only seen, but likely read and absorbed by the java-loving masses. The same holds true for other food and drink service areas, but if you have to choose, go with the coffee bar. They're only going to eat lunch once, and they probably brought their own water.
  • The Place Everyone Must Go Sometime – Even the most die-hard, outdoor-hating, non-smoking, decaffeinated person who brings his own food and water will, at some time, have to seek out the restroom. Probably more than once. Placing banner stands or your custom exhibition booth in the hallway across from the restrooms or leading to the restrooms means that every single person at the show will see your banner.
  • Announce Yourself – Let people know what's happening in your booth during the show. Are you hosting special events like a celebrity appearance, giveaways, and special demos for your products? Maybe you're lifting the wraps from something new. Whatever it is, use your banner stands to tell people when and where to come join in.

Each convention and venue will have its own policies and practices when it comes to banner stand placement outside of booths. Don't forget to check with your show's vendor coordinator to find out where you would be allowed to place banner stands, if you need to make reservations, and what costs might be involved.

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