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Benefits of Pop Up Displays

February 16, 2019

Benefits of Pop Up Displays

It doesn’t matter if you’re a trade show veteran or if you are brand new to trade shows, you are always thinking of ways to improve your exhibit, your pitch, your presence, and the list keeps going. This is a big deal for your company no matter how many trade shows you attend in a year and you want everything to go off without a hitch, well as smoothly as possible.

First impressions are more important than ever at a trade show, so you have to be ready to impress at all times. This can be stressful, but with adequate preparation and allowing yourself time and room for error will help alleviate some of the stresses. Being prepared on all levels will eliminate many small mistakes and put you in a proactive state of mind. Make sure you know our objectives and what it will take to achieve those and run through your exhibit setup so you know it like the back of your hand.

Having a great exhibit can do wonders on so many levels. It can make setting up easier. Your exhibit will be more appealing to the trade show goers, providing more opportunities to convert your visitors into customers. After all, your exhibit is going to be your first impression for most of the trade show attendees. Now, the question becomes which exhibit or display will best suit your purposes. If it’s ease and convenience you’re looking for along with big impact, Skyline has the display you need.

Why Choose Pop Up Displays

They’re Light and Portable

Traditional exhibits consist of many parts, all of which seem to be exceptionally heavy. With a pop up display, you are getting a light display that you can carry yourself depending on the model or style. The frames are constructed of modern and lightweight materials that are durable and, in many cases, fold up for an added bit of convenience.

We all love to save many whenever and wherever we can. The same applies to trade shows and the lightweight and fold-able nature of many pop up displays makes it so you can transport them in a personal vehicle. This eliminates shipping costs and helps keep you under budget.

Big Impact, Small Spaces

There is no question a great exhibit design gets you more attention which leads to results. With a Skyline pop up display, your marketing message will be clear to your booth’s visitors and your pop up display will attract visitors with its creative design. Skyline designers can work with you to maximize your impact in small places.

Pop up displays also provide a high level of versatility allowing you to go practically anywhere. This gives you more opportunities to take your display to a variety of different events and increases the spaces where you can set your display up. Pop up displays are a great way to increase exposure for your brand.


If using a pop up display wasn’t easy enough, you can add accessories to help enhance your trade show performance and make your booth even more visually pleasing. Depending on your goals for the trade show, accessories such as workstations, flat screens, interactive technology, and more can create more chances to connect and interact with the attendees.

Skyline Pop Up Displays in Stamford

Whenever you are exhibiting, know that your display is your brand. Skyline understands this and that is why they continually strive to create unique, high quality pop up displays with graphics of the highest caliber. Call Skyline today at 860-635-2400 or reach them by email at info@skyline-ct.com.

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