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Better Banner Stand Designs For Bigger Success

August 16, 2016

Better Banner Stand Designs For Bigger Success

Banner stands can give your trade show marketing efforts a big boost, if you use them to your best advantage. First of all, does your company have a clearly defined brand image and specific objectives for trade show marketing? You might be surprised how many companies spend all the money needed to exhibit at trade shows without nailing down those foundational details. Good design grows from consistency in brand image: Logo, color palette, typography, mood, unique selling proposition (USP), etc., and from knowing what, specifically, you want to accomplish by exhibiting at trade shows. Once you've answered those questions, you're ready to start planning a marketing campaign and display materials that will bring the success you've just defined. Banner stand designs range from the foundational function of broadcasting your visual branding and message to promoting specials and rollouts to stopping prospects in their tracks and bringing them into your booth for a chat with your sales team.
  • Boosting The Signal - When you design banner stands for the purpose of increasing brand exposure, simplicity is key. A banner is not a brochure, and this is not the place to try to present a logical case for your product. In fact, for this specific design, the fewer words, the better. Make your logo prominent and visually uncrowded. Use a short, memorable text, if and only if it actually helps build brand recognition. Create a visual image that gives the viewer some kind of sensory response that relates to your product. If you sell food, makes their mouths water. If you sell computers, make them daydream about what they could accomplish with one. If you sell pool covers, show them how safe and happy their family would be if they had your cover on their pool.
  • Social Media Promotions - If your banners are intended to stimulate social media interaction, start by choosing a medium and understanding how, exactly, users actually use that medium. Marketing for Snapchat is significantly different from marketing for Facebook. In general, when you're targeting social media, you want to stick with a visual-driven message; something unusual enough that people will want to take a picture of it and share. Research what trends and standards exist on the medium you want to target. For example, photo scavenger hunts are quite popular on Instagram, and somewhat popular on Tumblr, but they're not on Facebook.
  • Showcase Your USP - If you're selling a product in a niche that has a lot of competition, your marketing objectives likely include distinguishing your company and products from the rest of the pack. Banner stands can be extremely effective in conveying a well-condensed USP. If your USP is currently explained in a 2-page primer written in paragraphs, you've got some work to do before you begin designing banner stands. You need to boil it down to single-word points, or a few short phrases. You can support those bullet points with brochures, video, or your sales team inside the booth, but your banner stands need to grab attention and draw people into your booth for that additional exposure. Going along with an earlier example, if the USP of the computers you sell is that they offer huge computing power while staying cool, you could design a banner that showed the computer with icicles hanging off its case, and out the window, in the background, an urban scene where the traffic lights are edited to spell the word "COOL": Implying that the computer is controlling those traffic lights.

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