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Branding A Trade Show Display From The Top Down

September 26, 2016

Branding A Trade Show Display From The Top Down

If you're ready to give your trade show exhibit a makeover, or you're planning an entirely new display, you will, no doubt, be looking for the most effective way to brand your trade show display. When you present your visual branding and messages to your visitors in a logical flow from top to bottom, you make it easier for them to form a favorable overall impression, and it's more likely to last in their minds. If your plans include towers or hanging structures, those display spaces are where your design should begin, then to your backwall, taller display units inside the booth, such as shelf units, followed by eye-level components, and finishing with floor-standing displays like banners and graphic-wrapped tables.
  • Company Branding - In almost all cases, your company's logo should be displayed above everything else, as if it were a flag. Placing your logo at the top of your visual message creates a very literal impression that everything the visitor will see below - your products, your messages and graphics, your product's benefits – fall under the banner of your great company. The highest display spaces like tower and ceiling-hung structures often offer the largest surfaces, which ensures that your logo will be the most visible component of your exhibit. One rare but notable exception to this basic design principle would be in the case of a household-name product like Kleenex®. It's unlikely that you could find anyone living in America who doesn't know what Kleenex® is, but finding someone who knows the name of the company who makes it might be a good deal harder. In a case like this, it would be better to place the product's logo above that of the company's.
  • USP Or Brand Message - The next highest branding element should be a message, determined by your trade show marketing objectives. If your company represents a number of product lines, this is a good place to put your overall brand message. If your business is built on a single product, it's a perfect place for a very brief introduction to your product's Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in the form of a short slogan, which will be supported by additional information closer to eye level.
  • Eye-Level Visuals - The inside of your booth is loaded with places to add information and call attention to your brand and products…as long as you don't defeat your own efforts by packing too much in. You want visitors to be able to absorb the general message at a glance, and without feeling overwhelmed, so they will want to come closer and see more. Use the backs of shelf units for additional graphics that help tell the story of the products on the shelves. Add banner stands to call attention to a short bullet-list of USP points: use a few words each, with plenty of negative space surrounding the words.

Top-Down Branding Creates A Lasting Impression

Skyline Connecticut has everything you need to create a custom-branded trade show display, from graphic design and top-quality printing to towers. Contact us for a consultation and we'll give you all the advice and support you need to build an exhibit that helps you achieve your marketing objectives.

Branding a trade show display
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