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Combine Tech And Trade Show Stands For Outstanding Results

April 20, 2017

Combine Tech And Trade Show Stands For Outstanding Results

One of the most important functions of any trade show display is generating and capturing qualified leads for your sales team to work after the show ends. Companies invest heavily in their trade show marketing programs, and it’s typically a struggle to quantify the results, both in marketing terms, and in sales terms. Larger companies are using technology to collect lead data and the activity of visitors at the trade show, saving money on print collateral by using digital brochures on the floor and emailing them to prospects afterward, and making engaging interactive displays that draw a crowd. If you think those functions are out of reach for smaller companies, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

  • High-Tech, Minimalist Design - Your company can create a trade show display as simple as a set of trade show stands with vertical banners and lights, and a tech solution like Skyline inTouch and still be highly effective from both marketing and sales standpoints. Of course, if a more complex exhibit is in your budget, you can build a more elaborate display to add even greater functionality, but you don’t have to.
  • Collect More Qualified Leads - The inTouch system includes a wide range of components, all geared toward enhancing visitor engagement and collecting better information for your sales team to use in following up with those leads. For a simple exhibit, you might select mobile device integration or inTouchPads for your booth team to offer virtual demonstrations of your products and digital brochures (which they can email as a follow-up), or they can hand the visitor a tablet for an interactive presentation. If you’re building a larger exhibit, the inTouch display wall and table offer a larger format, and the wall and digital signage will help attract people to come in from the aisle to see what’s going on. Big or small, the inTouch system will monitor and track your visitors’ activity with your interactive presentations and provide you with data for individual visitors, as well as analytics from the entire show, so you can tell how effective specific parts of your exhibit were.
  • Leave A Bigger Impression With Less - The more minimal your display, the more critical it is that your graphics and marketing message are bold, attractive, and make a big impact on the visitors. Whether you’re using a backwall comprised of trade show stands for easy transport and set-up, an in-line modular display with an interactive wall, or a full-scale island display with all the extras, combining that exhibit with technology gives your display an air of excitement, and leaves visitors with the impression that your company and brand are cutting edge.

With InTouch And Trade Show Stands, Connecticut Exhibitors Get Better Leads

Skyline Connecticut offers exhibitors everything from graphics to interactive design, and exhibit components from trade show stands to lighting and inTouch lead capture technology. No matter what size your company and exhibit, we’ll help you develop the most effective approach to collecting more qualified leads and leaving a lasting impression with your prospects.

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