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Create Trade Show Exhibits In Hartford That Wow The Crowd

February 01, 2016

7 Essentials For Your Trade Show Exhibits In Hartford Guaranteed To Wow The Crowd

The main goal for your trade show exhibits in Hartford are to bring attendees into your booth and have them remember who you are no matter how many other booths they have visited. But sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what will work and what will make people want to run the other way. There are so many options, but having these seven elements in your booth will not only wow the crowd, but also attract new customers to grow your business.
  1. Have A Table Or Podium Front And Center
Instead of having staffers pacing in the aisles trying to draw in attendees, consider having them stationed at a table or podium. It can be less intimidating to potential customers and gives people a solid focal point to come into your booth. And for those who decide not to enter, you'll have a chance to engage them in meaningful conversation and provide literature for them to review later.
  1. Go High-Tech
Technology is an integral part of all our lives and should be part of your trade show booth, too. The right exhibit design will enable you to incorporate tablets and other interactive displays into your trade show exhibits in Hartford. Providing meaningful information in an entertaining way will ensure that your product or service is remembered in a positive way.
  1. Be Eco-Friendly
Choosing to design your trade show exhibits in Hartford with recycled and renewable materials can make a big impact on your customers. Knowing that you factored the environment into your display says a lot about your business, its goals and priorities.
  1. Have A Conference Room
If you have room in your booth to allow for conference space, it is a great option. Including private space gives a feeling of exclusivity and allows you to give individual attention to your clients. For those who are looking to make an expensive investment on the spot, it can make all the difference in closing the deal.
  1. Include Demos And Merchandising
Attendees at a trade show are there for a reason. They are looking for the latest service or product. By having demos and merchandise as part of your trade show exhibits in Hartford, you can make a big impact. Once you get clients in your booth, wow them with what your product or service can do and give them a chance to make a purchase on the spot.
  1. Storage
While storage may not seem like an important element of your trade show exhibits in Hartford, it is critical to maintaining a look that is simple and uncluttered. Storage also enables you to keep a hidden supply of extra literature or products, so your booth is always fully stocked and ready for customers.
  1. Be Different
Standing out in the crowd is key. When you have customers who are engaged and stay in your booth, it will attract others to do the same. Use a custom design, fresh, bold graphics, and other elements that set you apart from those around you.
The employees at Skyline Connecticut are experts at providing you with just the right elements for your trade show displays in Hartford. They have many options from set up for a basic promotional table, to a fully interactive, multi-level booth. Contact them today and see how they can help you wow the crowd at your next trade show!

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