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Creative Banner Stands: Connecticut Exhibitors' Best Tool

May 18, 2016

Combining Instagram And Creative Banner Stands, Connecticut Exhibitors Gain Big Exposure

Social Media Marketing is continually evolving and weaving itself into the fabric of other forms of marketing. If your company is involved in trade show marketing, it's important to recognize that social media marketing should be an integral part of your plans. Plan well, and your trade show marketing efforts will boost your brand and product exposure through social media, while your social media marketing efforts increase the effectiveness of your trade show marketing. It's an upward spiral that can grow your overall exposure exponentially.

What's The Big Deal With Instagram?

There are many social media that are heavily used in today's marketplace, but Instagram is unique and critically important for several reasons. Instagram is driven by visual imagery, but it also allows users to post plain-English text, unlike Twitter. Hashtags also post differently in Instagram; they're not part of the text length, so users can attach multiple tags without sacrificing message space. Connections on Instagram also work differently than Facebook's heavily throttled, pay-or-be-invisible model. If a user makes a post, their connections see that post. Even more attractive, for businesses, is the fact that Instagram's interface has a reliable way for users to automatically cross-post to their other social media accounts, so when they post about your company on Instagram, that post also appears on their Facebook, Twitter, and any other accounts they've connected.

Trade Show Marketing And Instagram

  • Ride The Event's Coattails - When you post about your company's upcoming events, be sure to use the hashtags for your company and product, but also the tag or tags for the event you're posting about. There are often two tags or more tags for large events, so do a little research before you begin posting. The event you're attending will have much larger circulation of its tags, and if your post includes those, a lot more people will see it, than if you just used your own tags. If you are planning a give-away, you may also want to include the tag #entertowin.
  • The Lead-In - Use Instagram (and other social media) to promote the highlights of your presence at a show. Include things like panel appearances by members of your team; new product roll-outs or previews; any special events you're hosting, like a reception; guest appearances and product demos in your booth; and, of course, any special pricing or value bundles you'll be offering during the show. Post about each thing individually, be sure to include a professional graphic or photo with a click-through link, and schedule your posts so they're spread out evenly throughout the day. Never dump a pile of posts online all at once.
  • Give Them Something To 'Gram - We've all read, by now, about the 10-story Ferris wheel the USA Network put up at South by South West earlier this year. That was a truly impressive piece of trade show marketing that blew up social media, across the board. You don't need a giant Ferris wheel to get people to post about your booth, though. A clever marketer at a show in Utah put up a banner stand on the outside of his booth. The banner had a giant photo of a crocodile on it. And a hashtag. There were so many people waiting to take a picture with that crocodile, they were blocking the aisle! Social media in general, and Instagram in particular favors the quirky. Another simple but popular idea for creating banners people want to post pictures of is to combine funny, philosophical, or sassy sayings with simple graphics, like the memes that are frequently posted and re-posted on Instagram. You can also create a photo scavenger hunt using banner stands placed throughout the venue. The approach you take depends upon your target demographic, but you might be surprised how readily people will try these fun, silly-sounding things and post about having done them.

With Creative Banner Stands, Connecticut Exhibitors Wield The Power Of Social Media

For more ideas on how to use creative banner stands, Connecticut exhibitors can contact Skyline Connecticut online or by phone at 860-635-2400. Our expert consultants can help your company develop a successful plan to incorporate social media into your trade show marketing campaigns, design custom graphics for your banners, and anything else you need to make your trade show marketing successful.

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