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Creative Banner Stands For Companies With Multiple Lines

November 18, 2016

Creative Banner Stands For Companies With Multiple Product Lines

If your company represents multiple product lines in your trade show exhibit, you may have discovered how challenging it can be to give each line its own spotlight while maintaining a unified appearance throughout your booth. Even in a standard inline booth, there are some smart techniques you can use to create a visual environment that calls attention to the specific features and benefits of each of your product lines and staying true to your overall brand identity and message. One of the best approaches is to use banner stands to lead the visitor's eye from one part of your booth to the next and feeding him easily absorbed bits of information with each glance.
  • Continuous Design - If your product lines are parts of a continuous process, you may want to consider using a continuous design across several banner stands, to help visitors understand how they work together. For example, if you manufacture epoxy flooring, you may have a line of epoxy products for different applications, a line of colorants, and lines of finishing products like topcoat and anti-slip materials. Imagine a giant photo of a garage interior, split among 4 banners stands. Every banner has your brand logo at the top, and each one has the name of one of your product lines, as well. Each segment of the photograph (each banner) shows the product from one of your lines on the garage floor, along with a few key words highlighting its features and benefits. Visitors see immediately what each product line is for, and how they work together to create the gorgeous, finished floor on the last banner in the series.
  • Selective Color - Another approach to visual unity is to create a series of banners that each feature your branding and a photograph that includes a product from a different line. Each photograph is black-and-white, except for your product, which is in full color. The photograph helps tell that product's story, but the selective color immediately directs the viewer's eye to the actual product.
  • Help Them Compare - If the difference between your product lines are more subtle and may not be readily apparent to a visitor, use banner stands featuring photographs and bullet points to explain why one is different from the next. Let's say you're selling polishing compounds. This one is for automotive paint, but that one is for polishing glass, and this other one is for gemstones, and the last one is for use in dental labs. When visitors walk in and see shelves and shelves of polishing compound, they may wonder why you brought so many products with you. But, if they walk in and see one type next to a banner stand with a photo of a gleaming vintage muscle car, another next to a bar full of shining, perfect glassware, one type next to a photo of a flawless, giant emerald, and the last one next to a pearly white dental implant, it's all instantly clear. This is a perfect application for Myriad banner stands, which have shelf accessories that allow you to place an example product on the banner stand itself.

Creative Banner Stands For Companies With Display Challenges                                                                                  

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Creative Banner Stands for Companies
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